Evaluating Criteria for Economic Growth

Taking as evaluation criteria areas such as education, health and economy. a In fact, the organization ends that Venezuela is among the five countries with the highest growth since that year, all events or news at all taken into account in the usual credible information portals of the Venezuelan opposition. Does your version of reality, period, and is worth a damn to be told that the wall that say white but not black. Nothing to say right now, when I finish this letter, the FAO (UN another agency) recently ruling that Venezuela is one of the best fed countries in Latin America: the calories consumed by the two Venezuelans reach. 790 per day above the figure recommended by some authors in adult males (2.

But we see more samples and more buttons: denied that this opposition to recognize that the same organization (now as UNDP: United Nations Development Programme) as a Territory declared Venezuela free of illiteracy, 28 October 2. 005. a Or, more Farandulera if you like, even remotely occur to him to mention that Venezuela is in the Guinness Record since 2. 008 as the happiest gentile land (go and research it yourself, man, and be in conflict with the sources). A so that the Venezuelan opposition political establishment seems to suggest, when he insists on not believing in verdicts of institutions once loved, they would have to be two UN, two UNDP and organizations up to two records (Guinness Word Records) to satisfy the anxiety of the world virtual. (AAY, with that second option is always reality that’s been going!) Points could justify such naturally high levels of acceptance of the presidency and his administration (not to elaborate further and to not convert this note without a self-criticism, as it could be at risk of not delimit what follows). a But there is another problem that underpins the above, that the left side seems to want to see (at least at the higher levels of leadership, instances where the speeches are forged) to insecurity and corruption.

a Nobody doubts that, and the pod calls and care arrangements with the same strength and optimism with which we celebrate the Bolivarian Revolution made her for the Venezuelan people a better quality of life index. It is a storm cloud, storm ridge, which must be appeased with the impetus with which Bolivar was offered up to confront nature. a This is not to mention now the new problem: the blackouts at the national level. a At all hours are arguments that detract from the good achieved, if we want to invoke severe and stoical, severe, or masochistic (playful, ungrateful or whatever) a human nature that seems to revel more defects highlight achievements . to arguments such that you and I know constitute an extraordinary attack against the opposition sectors, which increasingly seems to be counter-discourse permeating both in urban as in rural areas, judging by the expressions of discomfort of the common man, at the expense, of course, the idea manipulations view the media in the country. Living on the street almost leads me to exclaim AHe almost haughtily said!, And leave my contribution analysis for those operational capabilities within the political leadership. I write about politics and literature.