Federal Government

Low diffusion occurred in the media the fact that since a few months, two or three before you close the 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations will urge to create and develop public policies that had the purpose of generate happiness in citizens and/or inhabitants of countries members of that organization. In the particular case of Mexico, in various surveys on happiness, the country comes out very good stippling, i.e. that, despite high rates of criminality that prevail in the country and economic inequality that exists, which makes that in the country there is a fairly high percentage of poverty; Mexican citizens are mostly happy. But that doesn’t mean that because there are public policies to encourage this important factor, but is more a cultural issue which implies that Mexicans have a joyful spirit. However, if the Federal Government encouraged the different orders of Government to create public policies based on the happiness, is almost evident that in the surveys the country would be better profiled, and it could be said that this would involve other positive factors, such as: greater citizen participation, greater incentives of citizens to respect the laws and generate behaviors environment to a culture of legality. The above would create a more prosperous environment and generate a positive view about the work of the nation. Therefore, we can say that it seems very logical that this UN emphasizing the pursuit of happiness as a public policy capable of changing the current pace of the Nations, generating greater social, economic development and political (encouraging own citizen participation in Government work).