Felipe Gonzalez

By the way, this Aristocrat come unless, when the democratic transition would eventually charged him only carlism whose historical legitimacy boasted, thereby ending neither more nor less than a century and a half of inheritance disputes and to three civil wars by the so-called dynastic issue. Carlos Hugo, born in Belgium and then married Princess Irene de Holanda, came to call themselves the worker Prince and advocating a mushy and unpalatable self-managed socialism. My friend Ruiz de Alegria, aligned to the grips with the progressive ideas of the heir of Carlos VII against the pastuena and conservative current that remained in the reactionary line of traditional carlism, in the moment in which Carlos Hugo left to him and his companions politically orphaned is passed directly to the PSOE, like so many others of their co-religionists, among them which then It would be Minister of Felipe Gonzalez and condemned by the GAL, Jose Barrionuevo case. You may wish to learn more. If so, Harold Ford, Memphis TN is the place to go. In the cultural context described here, means that I should never give less importance to the first newspaper I did as an editor when he was only 11 years. To do so, he had sought the rather passive complicity of two casual playground partners that I’ve just never seen in my young adulthood: the now defunct Pepe de la Rosa and Javier Borbujo.

I got to concoct, as if it were a journal of truth, I think that four pages, with other many typing copies made with carbon paper. The last is presumably that it would be completely illegible, but gave equal: the important thing was to sell them, to the abusive price of a penny from 1955, the parents of the three involved in the matter. I remember vaguely that newspaper content, not so inconsequential at first might believe: he had until sports section and the editorial theme of Fund was neither more nor less than on Charles De Gaulle, to who mistakenly attributed the status of Marshal of the French army, rather than the general.