Finding the Light

And because we often experience the condition of the animal fear of death, cosmic horror, we were shaking, reeling, "sausage", since there is a reorganization and cell death is an experience. It "screams, cries out: I'm dying all the end of life. And we must learn how to pass this milestone animal fear of death of the imaginary line to get rid of the negative: replace darkness with light. But work on the liberation of cells from their own, personal, negative programs are only learning, Preparations for a major battle – the battle with the program of aging and cell death. In this great, the principal and if you want the latest fight the forces of light and darkness, we are faced with the fact that there is really no single cell, there is one body, and there is a general body – The body of the whole earth and mankind.

And there is a uniform for the entire program of this organism death. And we will see that what we were doing before was just that we are "crushed stone", now we have to break up the rock. However, we do not first, 5 thousand years ago, dedicated – Rishi, prehistoric shepherds began to delve into the rock, cutting through the tunnels. Then Sri Aurobindo continued their work, then its associate – Mother. It is likely that we will reach the point where they stopped their work because they stopped living. Perhaps we will find and open new, its own ways of breaking up the rock.