Forrester Research Mailing

This is a competition in which the survival of one who is more acclimated. The most urgent this problem Commercial sites that are losing millions of ignoring these principles usability (usability). According to Forrester Research and Gartner Group, commerce sites lose 1,1 – 1,3 billion dollars a year due to the fact that customers leave the site, and not waiting for their downloads. 3) Create and maintain your own mailing, e-mail marketing. Own newsletter, this steady traffic. Its own mailing a constant circle of clients.

Own newsletter is free and easy way convey information to a large number of potential customers. Only these three points advantage proves the need for mailing. A simple example. Do you have a site attendance of 300 people a day, while sending 3,000 people. To convey information to 3,000 people must go through 10 days. In the case of mailing of this was noted only 5 minutes.

E-mai1 marketing – the promotion of products or services via e-mail. Tools e-mail-marketing: Mailing lists (mailing lists, 'opt-in' E-mail marketing) Discussion lists (discussions lists) Meeting Web conferencing Usenet (newsgroups) E-mail autoresponders (autoresponders, infobot). As of 2001, managers of over 60% of commercial companies in the U.S. believe that their sales significantly increased through the use of e-mail-marketing. That is the conclusion of the study came Experts Direct Marketing Association (Direct Marketing Association – DMA). According to the poll, in mid-sized business use tool e-mail-enabled marketing to increase sales by 59,8%. Large corporations, on average, recorded, 47.1% growth in revenues, while sales of small companies increased by 42,6%.