Gadafi Arrives

From last night, the other Muamar the Gadafi to duer to me in Seville. Paulo Coelho often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If so, its head is not evaluated in a million dollars (safe in Kazajistn, but we will tell that it more ahead) by the Libyan rebels, because under its desopilante beard Sacha hides Cohen Baron, one of the most intelligent comedians of the 21st century, the creator of Ali G, Brno and Borat, the lawyer in Cambridge that has conducted of the wild ridicule antiracist military operation. Cohen baron rolls from morning in Seville, where they will film during three days in the place of Spain and the airport of San Pablo (transformed for the occasion) some sequences of Finchley dreams, that in Spain probably is calld, of briefer way, the dictator, before following in Fuerteventura to day 9. The script is secret – a little credible rumor assures that something on the novel of Sadam Husein Zabibah is based and the king, although by the filtrate until now it describes the fates of strapa Arab whose unique ambition is to obtain that the democracy does not arrive at its country and that, after leaving to counterparts in their palace, travel by everybody surrounded by their virgin guardianas. If that is not Gadafi Source of the news: : The other Gadafi arrives at Seville