Gastritis Esophagus

Folk recipes treatment of gastritis. Since all food entering the body, inevitably enters the stomach, and delayed it for digestion, then the best way to treat gastric diseases – this is the correct diet. Unfortunately, we have available are very uniform set of products. We eat spontaneously and sporadically, often than necessary. All this leads to the fact that a desynchronization in the neuro-vascular and glandular secretory apparatus of the stomach. An unpleasant, sometimes a metallic taste in the mouth, there is a reverse throw food into the esophagus, and sometimes it is so powerful that the bile gets into the esophagus (the symptom of 'reflection'), and its taste is felt in the mouth. Frequent complaints of heaviness in the stomach, the food is not digested. No appetite.

Meal turns into an unpleasant duty, from which a person tries to hide. There is a feeling of fear. In such cases should accustom themselves to split meals, and the amount of food eaten at one time should be minimized. Cooking should not only delicious, but to observe at least the elements serving: napkin on the table, plates, cups of tea and coffee. Eat unaccompanied telei radio, do not read the book. Do not carry on a conversation on politics, economics.

Need to eat. Understand that all this is included in a single complex treatment. For pains, spasms and heaviness in the stomach, lack of appetite, belching and heartburn tea blend of chamomile flowers and yarrow (trees). To prepare the mixture of colors to take them in equal proportions.