General Character Development

Roman Empire, a bastion of the slave system, collapsed under the blows of revolution of slaves and the barbarian invasions. This major historic event marked the beginning of a new era, the era that will end no other Equally important event – the collapse of the feudal serf regime under the blows of the peasant uprisings in the fire of the bourgeois revolutions of xvii – xviii centuries. Trinadtsativekovoy period is in between these historical events we call the Middle Ages. What were filled with these centuries? That moved forward the development of material and spiritual culture? That contributed to the development of new forms of economic and social life? These thirteen centuries saw the reform of Diocletian and Constantine, barbarian hordes of Alaric and Attila, smash the 'lord of the world' – ancient Rome; movement of tribes and nations, the birth of new states, changing the political face of Europe, the growth power of the Christian Church and full of dramatic episodes of centuries-old struggle with the popes emperors; State Carolingian and Merovingian; crusades – this, according to Robertson, 'a magnificent monument human folly '- the first leading East and West in close contact, many wars of feudal states, which emerged as a result of the political boundaries of modern nations; heretical movements and violent uprising against the feudal serfs and ecclesiastical oppression, feudal lords and the clergy suppress these uprisings, and suffocating in the flame of bonfires and the dungeons of the Inquisition the slightest manifestation of free human thought.