Germany Travel Opportunities

Germany – one of the leading countries of the European Economic Community, is located in the northern part of central Europe. Germany has quite a few neighbors. The country borders on Poland, on the south-east Czechoslovakia, southern Germany shares borders with Austria and Switzerland in the south-west France, on the west by Luxembourg and Belgium, the north-west of the Netherlands and in northern Denmark. Germany – a tourist country inexhaustible variety. The nature of Germany is hardly monotonous. The country stretches from sea to mountains, from the low-lying areas along the Baltic coast and the North Sea to the snow-capped Bavarian Alps. Samples Architecture in Germany emphasize that diversity.

Can be found far away from the noise of the city rural house, the gloomy medieval castles, ancient walls protected the city and modern industrial center with large residential areas. A large number of small towns has kept the spirit of past centuries. Many of the centuries-old city transformed over time into modern. Nordic medieval brick buildings keep the memory of Hanseatic cities, which once ruled the seas. Located south of the old free imperial, episcopal city with its magnificent cathedrals, palaces and town halls.

At its stone language of architectural styles they announce a centuries-old economic importance of this country. Germany – Land of the huge tourist potential. Country nightlife, festivals and shopping. Country infinite number of resorts that give relaxation to those who are tired of the stress of modern life.