Golden Horde

According to Ms Merkel: "Anyone who does not speak German, automatically becomes undesirable for our country. " On the same day the XVI Session of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan, which were expressed directly opposing views on the situation, which consists in multinational Kazakhstan, though, to paraphrase a statement by Mrs Merkel, "the man is not speaking Kazakh," in Kazakhstan, despite a constitutional declaration of rights and freedoms in a hidden, but it is a viable form sometimes quite limited requirements of existing regulations in some core areas of its activities, I do not mention the domestic sphere. Will Kazakhstan in its modern development multicultural society, to follow the Golden Horde, or "catch up" with advanced European countries in terms of democracy, will be forced to make such a banal statement about undesirable, but actually held the division of society, of course, time will tell. However, the methods proposed in the final document of the Assembly, now raise some doubts. Mr.

President, provides: "In Kazakhstan should continue work on writing the history of the formation of multi-ethnic society. " It's not that the concept of multiculturalism and multi-ethnic society is essentially the same thing. It is doubtful the possibility of "writing" of history. No Of course, you can write everything and at all times and there were at least two centuries of history, written in a similar way the history of the ruling classes, which at the expiration of a period of time has remained an official (Russian Chronicle), and history of the oppressed majority.