Good Cachaca

From it is doing and-loop straps that attach to the hammock for a special hook. Sometimes, for the manufacture of the hammock takes from three to five months! You’ll make an unforgivable mistake, If the Congress in Brazil and do not bring out the hammock, and a better couple to be, what to give to friends. Believe me, they appreciate such a gift. Unusual and nice souvenir can become a bottle Cachaca. In general, strictly speaking, Cachaca – is none other than as cane moonshine, but on the table it will look very exotic. Cachaca – an integral part of the culture of Brazil, so at the state level, it was decided to grant the status of commercial Cachaca names of hard liquor. Brazilians are clearly distinguished from Cachaca hacienda and factory production. Cachaca factory, of course, to get easier, but with Cachaca hacienda is more valuable.

It is made from crushed sugarcane, there is added to ferment corn flour, wheat bran, rice, soy or corn. Distillation of such Cachaca is carried out only in copper stills. Subsequently it is stored in wooden barrels. Industrial mode of production – more than a quick and easy, and stored in wooden casks factory Cachaca and not exposed. Good Cachaca resembles the taste of brandy or whiskey, and in color – a weak tea with lemon. Cachaca also used in a special cocktail – Caipirinha. Learn how to cook it quite easy – you need lime, sugar, ice and, in fact, Cachaca.

So if your friends or yourself, do not like hard liquor (and Cachaca on degrees approximately smooth “our” vodka), then you can surprise all original and delicious cocktail. But connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages can think of to draw attention to the rum. And, of course, Brazil – a recognized leader in the production of coffee. It was she who sets the tone for meeting the needs of the planet that drink. It began to grow coffee in the early xvi century. Brazil supplies the coffee for all tastes. Brazilian coffee relatively inexpensive. So there will, from which to choose a gift for the true coffee connoisseurs. Yes and no harm will fall at a few packages of good Brazilian coffee. I want to warn you that in almost every part of Brazil traveler may stumble upon a proposal to buy at a very cheap price with a monkey, parrot, or even some livestock. To do so in any case is impossible, as to remove the animal from a country without a whole heap of references, approvals and quarantines you are unlikely to succeed. In general, it is considered a crime in Brazil heavier armed robbery! The same is true of traditional Indian jewelry from the feathers of exotic birds, shells armadillos, wild jaguar and similar materials. Produce such things for their “internal” needs families, leading a traditional lifestyle is permitted in any amount, but sell them Indians have the right only under special state licenses, and then only to cultural institutions – museums and so on. Of course a pity that you will not be able to bring all of Brazil, to take all The local curios. But even the smallest of their part can affect anyone, but their purchase will give you great pleasure.