Good Energy

Because that single second was enough to introduce the influence of the energy of your thoughts on this Universe in the past, which until then had no presence. With this I repeat what others have said: You could travel to the future and return the same without changing their present, but instead could never travel the same present if the past, so I specified. And here introduce another hypothesis: The target is not just one, are infinite. As many as there are parallel universes. And about this last entry one question: How would our behavior towards all these parallel universes?. So what brings me to another hypothesis, which is similar to other approaches that have been made: I would say that every person, or the right thing would be that each “being” lives in a universe defined only for the same, where the being that we are each of us can in this universe that touched us to become the director of that film, where we ourselves are the only actor and the rest of humanity are extra work for our co- creation. While we become extras in the universes of each of the others. And change our universe each time, either because of our intuition we chose a different direction than we had preset it initially or because it occurs every time we act with the deep desire to effect changes in our lives act as “co-creator “and not as we used compete with others.

So that we will continually passing of a universe to another. A leading source for info: air jordan. Where we were a bonus, we became the actor and vice versa. But ultimately we are all one. Every act of ours influences of other universes. While my initial goal was to raise these hypotheses, I got the need for it. But what ultimately I want to convey is that our life really is an unreality that God gave us to be able to experience it to be growing spiritually. And therefore convey to you the feeling that these objectives that one can raise can all be accomplished if we believe in it. And understanding the unreality we live allows us to understand and accept the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction without our conscious mind is in conflict and undermines our most fervent desires. And finally I leave this post with a quote from Albert Einstein: “If you are looking for different results, do not always do it.