I’ve known so many versions of the truth, already not be lie believe me anonymous because it is what could tell you friend reader, after knowing the different versions that we have suffered 40 million subjects of the Government and related unions, i.e. on the outcome of the strike,: a. espanolitos foot. The curious thing about the case is that those who have expressed us valuations diametrically opposite, try ardently, convince us that his words are nothing more than a reflection of pure truth, so one ends up being more atragantado than a duck in a kind of quantum physics. And it is not having to wait at this point, that no public Office tell us, no longer the truth.

Let’s go! Up there we could reach. Is that not even expected to tell your truth. In Spain, at times running, the politically correct, is lying with the greatest effrontery and desverguenza, without even blinking. Action than in any truly democratic country, that it catches you with the ice cream cart missing the truth, it takes 24 hours to complete his public career and go to your House. But Spain is different and the perversion of language that for years it has been promoting by the Spanish political class, has made the politically correct lie repeated endlessly, really absolute; White in black and shameless and dishonest, lawful, complete and honest. At this point in the film, which lie, already not only not it should surprise us, but that is what can be expected from this ignorant social caste has not given a stick into the water in his life; that for all they serve is to create our problems and above we see that forced to maintain of lifetime. That should leave us amazed is that ever, even if it were because of an uncontrollable outburst of sense of reality, they say something reasonable.