Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the former President of the reserve Federal of the United States, Alan Greenspan, with all the arsenal of information which has claims to be not sure United States is in recession; on the other hand, Guillermo Ortiz Martinez, Governor of the Bank of Mexico said that it is Yes is in recession. The U.S. economy is already in recession, and its effects could last a long time said who does as fifteen years was in charge of re-privatize the banking system in Mexico. Since Mexican banks was gradually passing into foreign hands, Ortiz Martinez has repented of that final and has said that the external control over the savings of Mexicans is not good. Hell is full of repentance. And it is the same Greenspan who is in retirement, attends media jargon to move the Beehive as when he said that 50 percent of the indicators showed signs of recession to leave now so not sure. For now, those who see the reality show of the oral of the bag, as I have told you in this space a day they are depressed and other elated, we take things more calmly.

Say big personality in the world of speculation and desdicen as now do senior officials of financial institutions that analyze path and destination of mere mortals that we see the stunts of Don Dinero in a circus of three tracks in Davos, Switzerland. What Yes feels, beyond the ups and low stock is a heavy slope of January which, fortunately already goes out, at least in days because those of us working on our own see steep road beyond, perhaps until March. Governments and public institutions do not sign checks because they arrive on vacation, in a tortuous attitude that is totally disproportionate to the vagaries of the economy that we live in this year full of surprises, as of this week. While they serve a rare guru soup packed with information that only serves to put our sensitive investors nervous. To the carrier that we are in the first or second round of a fight at 15, says Guillermo Ortiz Martinez. Take out the chloroform.