Health Turkish

A special place in Turkish cuisine is given sweets. The most popular alcoholic drink is 'raky' (anisette), which when diluted with water becomes white, which was awarded the title 'Lion's milk'. Common set of services in hotels – a buffet. Take only as much food as you can eat, but if not ate, then go and get another. Do not leave a plate full of food on the tables.

We advise you in the first days of the rest do not get involved in all the local cuisine at once, let your body gradually gets used to new gastronomic loads. SHORT TIPS. – If you go on tours, do not forget: pro sunscreen (especially good Panthenol), not in a long time under the direct rays of the scorching sun, do not sunbathe at midday, especially in the early days – the sun is very active. – Special galoshes to protect your swimming legs of cuts. – Warning! On the beach under the scorching sun can not drink, else others will drink and then – for the repose of your soul! – Can be useful means of mosquitoes. – Take with a few pegs underwear – this will save you from search problem, the flying from the rails towel and bathing accessories. – If you take with Russian vodka (only good) – it can be advantageous to exchange for gifts, or buying expensive things – the seller would be kinder and will throw more. – Many hotels employees retsepshene hotel (in the registry) does not take money, a souvenir from Russia will be happy and probably will give a good number.

– If you have any problems with the number – no need to shout, stomp your feet and threaten workers retsepshena. Enough to come up and politely ask them about it, because the weapon is also courtesy of kings. – To enter the mosque, you need to remove your shoes. Women should be included to cover her head. At the entrance you can take a scarf and long skirt. It is best not to visit a mosque during prayers. – Do not speak with the local religious themes – all you want to know, ask the guide or read-and declined as well. – Toilets are equipped with signs or Kadin Bayan (to ladies), Erkek or Bay (for men). – No standing on the street to drink alcoholic beverages. – Do not forget to bring your chargers, cords, etc. – Detection of any drug (even marijuana) is regarded as extremely serious event – so leave it at home unless you want to stay permanently in Turkey. – Do not drink tap water, and poured into plastic buy capacity. In a 5-liter vessel – each liter cheaper than in smaller containers. – 9th May not have to go to drunk around the pool with a red flag and shout for the whole neighborhood, "Hitler Kaput". Not to be confused with the rest questionable patriotism. – If you smoke – Take a supply of cigarettes and grass on Health – in Turkish cigarettes are very expensive. – Do not ask a Turkish restaurant serves pork. – Do not forget the magic words – hello, goodbye, thank you, etc. If you pronounce them in – in Turkish, the effect magnified. – We hope these tips will help you on a journey along the sunny country! In preparing the advice benefited from the tourist site with nailuchschimi wishes – Zakhar!