I do not think so, because in most cases, the entire hook hidden in the brush head. In a separate story float, because this component has a clear focus tackle fishing for carp is. I would say that there is separate type of float – float Karasin. This long, thin cylindrical float with a smooth distribution of mass throughout the volume. First of all, the problem lies in the float responsive to the bite crucian carp, which is often cautious and even a "thoughtful." About the type of reel to the rod is no definite opinion. You can put a regular and small size, and inertialess – as you prefer. I can only say that completely without coil is not very convenient, because when the length of the rod at 6 m and line managed better still with the coil, and it is useful to vyvazhivanii.

Sly habits of His Highness the biting crucian carp has long entered into folklore, because of the diversity of symptoms and signs do not, perhaps, none of freshwater fish. To begin with, that taste preferences in the crucian carp, by and large, no. It can catch, as the plant tips (pastry, cake, steamed peas, combined mixture, etc.), and the tips of animal origin (worm, maggot, caddis flies, etc.). Often used bait and bait, to carp, a fish which schooling, went to the hooks with a nozzle. You can free to experiment with the addition of aromatic components, because there is accurate data, which in certain cases, choose flavored carp bait.