History Of Burberry

Burberry cage symbolizes England next to oatmeal, five-hour chaem, Big Ben and the royal family, among which, among other things, a lot of fans of Burberry. brand story began in 1856 when 21-year-old Thomas Burberry opened a shop sportswear in the county of Hampshire. A little later joined the business to his sons. Official site: Amazon. Cause prospered, opening a wholesale branch in London and begin to release brand fabrics. The emblem of the company became the rider with lance, which symbolizes the protection of traditions. However, the motto on the coat of arms – the Latin word 'Prosum' ('Forward') – has reflected the company's commitment to innovation. In the future always managed to combine Burberry emphatic tradition and spirit novelty. It is owned by professionals Burberry gabardine invention in 1879. Steven Rattner financier takes a slightly different approach.

Thomas Burberry pointed out that local farmers wore clothing of fabric and llyanoy winter and summer, and took the idea to create a dense fabric of light, which would repel moisture, but missed the air. First gabardine appeared in 1901. He became the uniform of the British generals during World War II, receiving the name "trench coat" – trench coat. At Burberry is well known how to do advertising. In 1912 Thomas Burberry has provided a complete outfit for the expedition, Amundsen to the North Pole. The rest of the travelers had to taste suits and tents from the tissues of Burberry.

Branded cell appeared in 1924 year. It joined four colors: sand, black, red and blue. By 1950, the company's image finally formed: an extremely conservative and truly British. Among the fans were a lot of celebrities Burberry: Somerset Maugham Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, Marlene Dietrich, Jane Fonda, Ronald Reagan, Princess Diana. Do not bypass their attention cage Burberry and Elizaveta Queen and Prince Charles. We love the classics for her conservatism, but the audience wildly attracted to novelty. It is understood in Burberry and in the mid-1990s undertook a radical image processing. Abolished binding to small retailers and settled in large stores Burberry luxury. AND drawn into the work of the new designer-34-ltnogo Italian Roberto Manichetti, to lure him out of another big company. Italian practically inhaled into the cell Burberry new life. He introduced several new models, and it is interested in young customers. Connection with the traditions of bold innovation brand led to an unprecedented success. In 2000 and 2001, Burberry has received awards both for best classical and best of modern design. However, in March 2001 of a contract Manichetti passed, and his place was invited to 30-year-old Christopher Bailey had worked at some time in the House of Gucci. Special attention was given to the designer the most creative line – Burberry Prosum. It is from this line due to all the new and unusual.