Honduran Congress

This Zelaya is no longer defending an alleged principle and an attempt to prove that it cannot be removed to a head of State ahead of time. Do not. This Zelaya is now an agitator who tries to hide in the democratic mantle and international to try protection takes up power and perpetuate in him. This Zelaya is another photon gone mad in this wrong dimension in which he lives his revolutionary mentor. This Zelaya is already a subversive pawn, an integral part of a dimension outside the reality objectively. And it is in the eyes of static ministries that do not understand that the ridiculous man in the hat is no longer belong to visible reality to sink in the fictional microrealidad of a player who belongs to the micro, to what you can see, to a theory of the ropes each time more tightening against your fat body of fiction. It is true that the movement of particles affect. Nobody can deny the microcosm.

Nobody can ignore the possible dire consequences. Only that this has ceased to be what some found as the only truth – a defense of vaccines preservatorias to become a dangerous game of subversion. Rare things, like some statements from the last one finds in American foreign policy of Obama and Clinton accepting as a fact the Iranian nuclear power and announcing subsequent vaccines: arming the region up to the teeth. Emperor Hadrian decided to re-examine that thing was that the Roman Empire not to expand more, but is devoted to preserving the established borders. To change underwent his legions to keep them quiet – to strenuous workouts. Worked to Adriano.

The United States of Obama are keen to demonstrate that the Empire ended his time as interference and its purpose is to extricate their country from Iraqi trap and perhaps a dubious and long – victory over the Afghan Taliban, with the help of sellers Russian tanks. I said and argue – that whole mess of Honduras originated in the American pressures to avoid that the Honduran Congress destituyese Zelaya. Who really is this man, whose family runs to take refuge under the skirts of the gringo Ambassador in Tegucigalpa? Sometimes leads to test a theory like that the Mexican excanciller developed Castaneda on Lage and Perez Roque, falling only that this humble scriptwriter has no privileged sources. The comment comes to mind for the gringo defense of Zelaya. What a strict Chancellery not be account of change of President victim to subversive and pawn is something that we can not ask ourselves seriously, unless in the case of Europe where the blunders originate in the Spanish source, which has a kind of granting patent when it comes to Hispanic America. It is that events occur in another dimension, in a wrong dimension. Perhaps there is an exchange of photons, as when a nail and a magnet will attract. Perhaps we should leave physics to show us more kind and parody the strings to smell bad in Denmark. In Venezuela are immersed in such shifting with subcontinental contagion – the smell of the strings that are deslien is already rotten. original author and source of the article.