Hotel Bookings

Hotels in Moscow are among the most expensive in the world – of course, the prices of hotel services, like everything else in a market economy, defines the demand. So what is the secret to increased demand for hotels in Moscow? – The answer does not require deep analysis – all very simple: Moscow has long been a mecca exhibition nationwide scale. And it is the exhibition in Moscow attract the greatest number of people. Actually, most of the hotels in Moscow, in the ground and live at the expense of exhibitions. Of course, come to Moscow and leisure travelers seeking to get acquainted with the sights, but they are not so many as we would like. By the way, for ordinary tourists understand this simple truths that Moscow – a city shows – can help save you big bucks.

The main thing is to remember that most of the exhibition go on weekdays, so weekends hotels are empty and have to attract tourists install special weekend rates, which can sometimes vary significantly. It follows a simple rule: Do you want to save – come to Moscow at the weekend. It is also useful to remember that in Moscow there are two Exhibition season: spring and autumn. Accordingly, winter and summer for hotels in Moscow tourist calm periods, when most hotels are forced to lower prices for their services. Therefore, the most attractive periods for exploring the sights of Moscow for the tour groups are winter or summer. The exception to these rules are the hotels located at the airport.