Indian Travel

Indian travel allow the holidaymaker, the fascinating life of the Indians to experience. Not as a tourist, but to live as a friend with the Navajo Indians in southern Utah, a dream must stay for most probably. Not so for those who participate in a multi-arts hiking trip to the Indians. When the Indian travel experience the ideal hiking and horseback riding tours, meet a real medicine man and take part in a sweat lodge ceremony. On the Indian travel is firsthand experience the untouched nature and the real tribal life with the ceremonies of a Navajo tribe. Original Indian life on the Rainbow lies the plateau between the area of the Navajo Mountain and the small town page, the Rainbow plateau at 2,000 metres above sea level. In this wilderness, they live today Navajo in its original and natural way.

Except for a bad road, only footpaths and Shepherd paths lead into the area. From Las Vegas, where the holidaymakers in the Indian travel arriving on the plane from Germany, it continues to one Overnight in the glittering world of exciting city via the Hoover Damm to a Western town. Sedona in the vicinity of Flagstaff it goes to the Grand Canyon, and then in the area of the Navajo Indians. Rides and sweat lodge ceremonies turn into Indian tourists a natural stone bridge will be explored on horseback before the next day is a sweat lodge ceremony with a Navajo Guide. Numerous hikes in the Indian territory can discover traveling the old Anazasi Indian ruins. Also the impressive reservoir of Lake Powell will be explored on a trip, as well as the Summit of the mountain sacred to the Indians Navajo Mountain. On the Indian travel holiday makers win a real impression of the life of the Navajo families and meet the last remaining medicine man in this region. A trip to Monument Valley completes the Indians to travel together with a native American flea market. After a thrilling journey through Bryce Canyon, the plane from Las Vegas goes back to Germany.