Jacob Evteevich Sedov

Everything else is ruthlessly collapses demolished, rebuilt. Completely sawed poplar, remembered Sedov, destroyed a unique house of the merchant Kozlov, construction of which involved his father Jacob Evteevich Sedov, on-street Yasha-sawyer. In oblivion, in the bush among the weeds and debris we saw in the summer of 2009 monuments in the local park, after order was restored ngo "Revival". All you heard in childhood about gy Sedov, to be honest, did not leave then deep trail it was seen as a mandatory school program. Just as in adulthood, we come to 'own' Gogol, Turgenev, Pushkin, so I came to the Sedov.

Many times, reviewed the exhibits of the museum in the village sedovskogo Sedov, read the memoirs of the expedition participants nv Pinegina, Vize, many authors 'break' the internet. Perhaps this is the main problem of local school: she tries to give ready-made knowledge. This is senseless. To knowledge has become beliefs require the active work of the man himself – this is the task of the school. Here's what he wrote in his famous article, our traveler and tv host Yuri Senkevich: 'The name of George Yakovlevich Sedov unusually popular in our country. Name it is called an archipelago and the island, cape and rush strait, two bay, two-bay The name of his village called Sedov (former Curve Spit), where he was born and is now preparing to open a museum of George Yakovlevich Sedov. Sedova street there and in Moscow, and in many other cities and towns.