Khazars Century

Meet – Gurzuf. Resort township Gurzuf located in the eastern part of Greater Yalta. Who ever vacationing in Gurzuf that certainly want to come back again here, in one of the most charming and beautiful locations of the Southern coast. It has formed a special microclimate. High mountains, running down to the sea, surrounded the village to protect it from cold winds. Leaves a lasting impression beauty of landscapes: Bear Mountain props behind the sky, the water rose rocks – Adalary islands, the ranks of leafy green vines on the surrounding hills, the slopes of the Gurzuf Yayla from showing white gazebo winds covered with dense forest.

The story starts from the bottom of Gurzuf centuries, there has replaced a lot of people to each other: Tauris, Greeks, Goths, Khazars, the Genoese … On the pass Gurzufskoe saddle archaeologists have discovered ancient temple belonging to, obviously, the brand. There they offered sacrifices to their gods. In center of the village up the coast from Genoa rock. At its peak in the sixth century on the orders of Emperor Justinian the First fortress was built Gorzuvity, and below, near the shore noisy port.

In the fourteenth century stronghold, destroyed by the Tatars, was restored Genoese, who enjoyed on the southern coast of active trading. Up to this day preserved their memory in the name of the fortress and the rocks – Dzhenevez. At the top of the rock are preserved only remnants wall, composed of rough stone in the mortar.