Latin American Nations

They are part of the ruins, are the ruins of the lack of evolution, of the lack of readings, the depletion in the absurd pragmatism where policy is only to seek power and settle according to the macabre and old Latin American meaning. The leaders of the present are spiteful, his project is to destroy without affecting anywhere a new building, are architects of the demolition, resentful that make use of the lie with brash, ones that try to the revolution with name changes to the way in which Regis Debray denounced him properly. They are relentless in the destruction of most basic democracy, you soak in all the vices of the warlordism of the providential leader that everything he knows and all sorts, rub all the unfortunate vices of degenerate political practice of the 20th century and in all the appalling evils that the sub-continent has suffered. Does not help us 20th century into the 21st century. This Venezuelan country has always been slow to enter a new century. It seems that we began always with a dictator. It seems that we are always the first to apply the maxim that the advancement of ideas is slow.

About the dictator of the 20th century looked a litter of students who gave shape to the future, one already exhausted. About the 21st century dictator looked a litter of students who were pragmatic and rushed to enroll in the matches of the past under the slogan that one needed to pursue a political career. Behold, one of the causes of this frustration. Here, as in many Latin American Nations, intellectuals are accommodated to the prebends of power and left of writing and thinking. The policy does not exist without thinking. Without ideas there is no political action. We have become a nation trapped by a past that acts as all past, outside the new logic, new paradigms in birth, outside of the current time, and a tiring, acogotador, suffocating present, one which do not support but which we seem as unable to exit.