Law School

Studied Roman law a few thousand students from different European countries. In the 12-15 centuries. The universities of different countries of Western Europe have been profiled law schools, which has been studied predominantly Roman law. Only with late 18 century. The programs of law schools began to include domestic law. In Russia, with 16. Attempts were made to identify the subject of law in autonomous learning. Supposed to teach 'justice and spiritual worldly 'in 1687 based in the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy.

In 1715 Peter I was served 'Project on the establishment of Russian Academy of policies for use of public offices'. In 1703-15 in Moscow there was the so-called. School, where along other subjects studied ethics, which included elements of law and politics. In accordance with the 'General Rules' in 1720 was based college cadets (abolished in 1763), which were virtually explore jurisprudence at colleges. In establishing the Academy of Sciences in 1725 envisaged the establishment of the Department of Law, in 1726-65 in an academic university teaching law. In 1732 was opened gentry Corps, a program which was included the study of theoretical jurisprudence. At Moscow University the first lecture on the law were given in 1755, but systematic lectures and classes at the Law School began with the 1764. From the year 1767 classes were The first Russian professor-lawyers – se Desnitsky and ia Tretyakov.

The right to teach in all universities (in , Kazan, Dorpat, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, etc.), based in Russia in 18-19 centuries. Law was introduced in Law Demidov Lyceum (Yaroslavl).