Mayan Riviera

the industry of trips is unpredictable in these days with the increase of the prices of flights, with the extra expenses in trips and the unpredictable prices of gasoline. People this hoping to that they lower the prices, but since there is no such, we want to offer to our clients a better price to them in its stay and in its packages of activities, to compensate the other expenses says Nicola Inwood, Canadian owner of the Tropical Hotel Casablanca. In this supply special, the travellers can save 15% in the hotel or its packages of activities for the 2009, if they in line order his certificates of gift in next the 30 days. In order to help to formulate the previous plans of the travellers for the season of the 2009 or to encourage the acquisition of Certificates of Gifts of Christmas for family or friendly, the Tropical Hotel Casablanca has sent to its promotion of Preventa de Certificados de Regalo for Christmas . This promotion is for asked for certificates of gift in line in next the 30 days in the mail. The Tropical Hotel Casablanca is a legendary hotel and 45 located town min to the south of the Cancn.

In their effort to help the travellers to compensate the increases in the cost of traveling by airplane, the owners of the hotel have created east Program of Preventa de Certificados de Regalo for Christmas, so that the people can formulate their plans when traveling and guarantee a saving to them. The certificates can be given by means of the person is going who them to directly give or the beneficiary, to make the process easiest. This promotion also extends for the rent of Villa, packages of hotel that include golf, diving, yoga or visits to Mayan ruins or for individual reservations of hotel. These will have preference before any reservation, but it is recommended to reserve in time to have freedom to choose dates and quarters. These reservations will be solely for season of the 2009 and it does not include dates or packages of the 2008. The Tropical Hotel Casablanca, the hotel to feel located in the heart of Playa del Carmen well, Mexico, 45 minutes to the south of Cancn, is a hotel with 20 quarters and a town of 6 rooms that have served to visitors of this area by more than 20 years. Known well by its good location, gallery of art and a natural natural well in the property.