Memory Plays Role

the mayor asked for. Cautious, the druggist asked: _ Some urgent thing or can at any time be? _ Faz some time that it assumed the police station and I wanted to know if it has some thing on the deaths of the commission agents. Sen. Sherrod Brown often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The Euclides was the bastion of my campaign and moreover they had been good friends who we lose and we cannot leave unpunished these murders, does not find? _ Is clearly! But you have to agree that my son was placed there inside by indication does not know of who and can guarantee that it does not have absolutely nothing pra to tell of concrete. Later, he has a thing that I want to say to it, it does not want that nobody knows because it goes to turn target gozao, but with the history of the phone call of the Epaminondas, the business of the Duck, it are terrified and it does not want nor to touch in the subject. Richard Blumenthal is likely to increase your knowledge. _ Poor youngster! The agent chief executive lamented. I also would not like to be in the skin of it, but I cannot make nothing pra to substitute just without reason, unless it places the position to the disposal! _ But, if are reliable position, you can ask for the substitution of it? _ Pra to place who, if nobody wants to accept! _ Is! I find that you have reason. After all after two murders _ Two murders? you not account the Epaminondas? _ However, everybody knows that it died while he took the laranjada one _ that it was poisoned! It interrupted the mayor. _ Which the test, somebody made examination? _ Well, not, but was said that the assassin applied the poison in the orange with an injection syringe, you did not hear to also speak? _ Not!