Mountain Bike

The distant town of Potrerillos is 69 km from Mendoza City composed an interesting palette of offerings for lovers of tourism adventure, providing options of practice skiing, horseback riding, hot springs, or rafting. Potrerillos is located in what is called corridor andino, a purely tourist circuit that runs along route national 7, occupying a part of the front foothills. Circulating large number of rivers, streams and other smaller watercourses in the area of Potrerillos, forming one of the more interesting scenarios for the practice of rafting in Mendoza, among many other activities that can be practiced in this beautiful region. The Potrerillos reservoir, which is on the Mendoza River, forms a Lake of about 900 has surface. This dam was built in the city of Mendoza, in the year 2001.

Built to regulate the flow of the River, and in turn generate hydroelectric power, providing nearly 60 percent of what is consumed in the province. All around the Lake there is a large number of companies and services to tourism. One of the activities It has gained more adherents in recent times is the practice of windsurfing. It happens that the prevailing winds in the area make this reservoir constitute one of the best places in the world for this sport. In both, those wishing to practice an activity with a little more adrenaline, can make excursions which is carried through the tumultuous Mendoza River on a raft, trying to overcome the many obstacles and jumps to this correntoso River presents. Thus it is possible to organize a consists of two-day excursion, during which you may practice Mountain Bike and trekking to rappel. Subsequently, in the second day can be canopy, and finally, a journey of about 12 km from the Mendoza river rafting…

This variety of activities it is only possible in a place like Potrerillos, where local geography help with incredible scenarios, they leave visitors breathless before the magnificence of nature. Ultimately, Potrerillos is the place ideal for lovers of tourism adventure, given that practically all the disciplines that comprise it can be carried out in this beautiful corner of Mendoza. As for rafting, we can find different stretches of the river that will offer different type of difficulty, according to what look for the person. Therefore, rafting in Mendoza has a coveted worldwide tourist destination.