It is friendly, he is faithful, he is there when you need him and wants to see you happy every day. Our pet not only makes us company, but it gives us things many times or the human being comes to give us. Why not is what we appreciate with a holiday? He also wants to travel, above all, wants to be with you. We give recommendations for travel with pet. In the majority of holiday accommodations, stay of pets is not supported. On the other hand, Muchosol has a range of rentals of accommodation where animals are supported.

Search apartments, houses and villas for holiday rental that allow pets. Transporting your macota generally, these are obligations for travel by plane with pet, you must still take into account own of each airline regulation. -In general, for travel in the cabin, your pet should not exceed 6 kg and in some companies, 8 kg. -You must make sure that the cage has the regulatory measures. -It takes the passport of your pet with identification and their shots in order. -There are exceptions for cases of dogs lazarillo.

To travel with pet by train: trains have rules similar to the aircraft, although it depends on the miles you will travel (close, medium, or long distance). Standards tend to be:-the animal must not exceed 6 kg of weight (as a rule). -He is the owner of the animal that takes care of the damage that can cause the animal. -The animal must have in order to the health guide. If you are travelling with your pet by car: according to the regulations, the animal can not go loose in the car, because it endangers the safety of driving. If your pet is large, you should take her tied and separated by a grille. Is your pet is small should be placed in the seat of back and inside a bag of animal transport. Recommendations for the holidays with pet at your destination when you arrive at your place of holiday with your pet, you must be discreet because the coastal Act prohibits the entry of animals to the beach. You can go to remote coves or Virgin coves of low turnout. Do not carry you to the beach at bath time and with many people on the beach. If you decide to not travel with pet, let it in shelters that cared for animals in vacation. Another option is the leave it to people who announce the care of pets on vacation and what can ever pass through your head is obviously the idea of leaving for vacation. If you know any case of animal abandonment, denounce it! Are you going with your pet on vacation?