National Congress

San Juan is one of the provinces in which the open-cast mining is making damage. They fly mountains with dynamite and they leave in its place a great hollow that will be by the centuries of the centuries that: a great hole watching at the sky. Later, in one mixture of cyanide and water (they take 370 liters from water per second that if they followed their normal course would finish in houses of family, fauna or flora) and separates the precious material that, is considered, been a gram by each four tons of stone. There a dock of tail with those residues forms that imagnese where it finishes. There for always! Between cordilleranos governors whom they suggested to the President to veto the law finds Jose Luis Gioja, governor of San Juan and impeller of the reforms to the mining laws and the code of mining in 90. Those norms are today the legal and legal support in which companies like the Barrick Gold are protected, that operates deposits the one of Veladero among others and is beginning with the binancional Argentina Chile de Passover Licks. The Gioja family owns, among others emprendimientos, the Bentonita company Santa Gema, a supplier of the Barrick Gold.

Jorge Mayoral, secretary of Mining of the also sanjuanino Nation and, were another one of the advisors of the President for I veto. Mayoral is also tie industralist to mining in its province. In synthesis, two or three men with clear interests in their pockets mortgage the future of million. There are no excuses. The work that generates the miners to the villagers is very small, in smaller areas like arsenal, monitoring and cleaning and of low wages, the money who leave to the provinces and the nation is almost nonexistent (it does not arrive at 1%) and the damage that they cause is irremediable and permanent. To insist, not to occur by won. Monday 1 of March environmentalist groupings has organized an encounter to insist with the striped law.

One will become in Rivadavia and Sarand, to a few pictures of the National Congress. There it will be the President inaugurating the legislative ordinary sessions. A good opportunity to express that the water is ours, the glaciers are ours, the dignity first of all.