Neighborhood Politics

The Politics of the Good Neighborhood To deal with workmanship neighbors can demand planning, knowledge of laws and over all, very common-sense. A workmanship can intervene for months and until years with the daily one of the neighborhood. Between the biggest claims they are the excess of noises and poeiras, incessant traffic of vehicles heavy of load and discharge, that pass through had not only confused it local as they finish with the way, and if it was not sufficiently, some problems that intervene directly with the neighbors of the workmanship as, cracks and trincas in existing constructions, fall of materials in roofs and patios and, in more serious cases, collapses of walls. The existence of the neighborhood always must be taken in consideration when if it plans a workmanship, either it of small or great transport. The responsible technician, either it architect or engineer must be the mediator most efficient to minimize such conflicts, since this is inserted in the reality of the construction. In this scene, it is important to stand out that for a good course of the workmanship he practises and it of the good one neighborhood can be reached respecting working hours so that noises proceeding from concrete trucks mixer, cranes and loads and discharge of trucks do not intervene with the calmness of the neighborhood, as well as keeping entorno of the periodically clean workmanship preventing removel of hindrance of the stroll I publish with entulhos and calias; to make the good use of the procedures and norms of security as the use of screens of protection of faades and trays against the fall of residues and materials must be indispensable. Never forgetting, that optimum possible conviviality with the neighborhood reflects positive or negative in the good one practises of the professional who this the front of the enterprise. Larisse Fisch Boizonave Architect and City planner.