Operational Lines

the school can become a great scene to contribute with the quality of life of these people if it to recover, to make solid in its resume one education that dialogues with the reality of these men and campesinos women, children and adolescents. (…) if the intention of the education would be to fix the man for the work in the field, respected the especificidades of this last one, to reach this intention the cited school must possess: ) the qualified professors (and one politics of formation of professors on the basis of the principles, (…), as article 13 of the Operational Lines of direction for the basic education in the schools of the field); b) material didactic, resumes, pertaining to school calendar and pedagogical spaces, enclosed there the pertaining to school, appropriate constructions (articles 5 the 7 of Resolution CNE/CEB n.1? Brazil, 2004) We defend that the pedagogical materials are excellent instruments so that the school of the nesting helps ' ' to take root the people in its culture: that it can be transformed, recriada from the interaction with other cultures, but that needs to be conservada' '. The pedagogical materials are considered by Sacristn as half-elaborated resume, as ' ' an intermediate elaboration between the formal resume and resume real' '. The idea of real resume would take in them to analyze the language of the professors, the examples that they use, its attitudes stops with the minorities or cultures, the social relations between pupils, the forms to group them, the practical ones of game and toy is of the classroom, the esteretipos that are transmitted through books, what it is demanded in the evaluation. (p.87) In this direction, we judge that it is indispensable to work in two directions: to create specific materials for concrete objectives and ' ' to revise the content, the examples, illustrations, etc., of the existing materials, since they costumam to be source of etnocntricas and demasiadamente desvalorizadoras vises of the cultural experience of others grupos.' ' (SACRISTN, p.89). .