There Is A Letter For You

a may be easier to love each oneself to love others even though the man is so politically correct that it is able to disguise his pride in what is theoretically interest in another. Perhaps there is more pride and arrogance in what is apparently disinterested affection. It is not easy even to distinguish oneself unless one stops to ponder his own conscience. A mighty task, one never knows what ghosts are going to find inside, talking loudly. In any case, the reality is that the self is the engine verdaderoa happiness. Never attempt to quell a feeling, if you do, your body will soon pay the price of anxiety, stress and frustration.

Go there where the heart takes you and never forget that, paradoxically, what we most want is what we fear most. a Everyone has a story, a story of encounters that we are tacking personal over time. It is difficult to describe biography of the heart, revealing the code of the language of feelings to understand each other better. Often make the mistake of forgetting that everyone is different and therefore the actual degree of empathy in a utopia and end is difficult to achieve since no one can get a hundred per cent in the mind, and interiority of others, not even of those closest to us. If for a moment cease to be we could do ourselves to become directly on the other. A power may be desirable in some cases impossible for any human but limited to the conditions of its own corporeality.

General Character Development

Roman Empire, a bastion of the slave system, collapsed under the blows of revolution of slaves and the barbarian invasions. This major historic event marked the beginning of a new era, the era that will end no other Equally important event – the collapse of the feudal serf regime under the blows of the peasant uprisings in the fire of the bourgeois revolutions of xvii – xviii centuries. Trinadtsativekovoy period is in between these historical events we call the Middle Ages. What were filled with these centuries? That moved forward the development of material and spiritual culture? That contributed to the development of new forms of economic and social life? These thirteen centuries saw the reform of Diocletian and Constantine, barbarian hordes of Alaric and Attila, smash the 'lord of the world' – ancient Rome; movement of tribes and nations, the birth of new states, changing the political face of Europe, the growth power of the Christian Church and full of dramatic episodes of centuries-old struggle with the popes emperors; State Carolingian and Merovingian; crusades – this, according to Robertson, 'a magnificent monument human folly '- the first leading East and West in close contact, many wars of feudal states, which emerged as a result of the political boundaries of modern nations; heretical movements and violent uprising against the feudal serfs and ecclesiastical oppression, feudal lords and the clergy suppress these uprisings, and suffocating in the flame of bonfires and the dungeons of the Inquisition the slightest manifestation of free human thought.

European One

It is a dark, submerged in the opacity of the Neolithic culture but in which parallel emerged the outlines of the European civilizations (the Mycenaean, Etruscan and Iberian) while beginning the first migrations of Indo-European character. Whether because of these migrations or shade of the development of their own identity, the fact is that this and no one seems to be the time when, in the area of the Iberian Peninsula, two cultural blocks begin their journey in the vicinity but without mixing completely: that on the old languages (encompassed within the Iberian) and the other one refers to the culture that immigrants brought in successive waves during lengthy space of time, which may span several millennia, from the first settlements to the Celtic invasions II-I century a. C., forming, in successive layers, which has been called Celtiberia. One of those villages embedded in the pre-Roman Celtiberia astures were, and whether its most remote origin or not similar to that of the Iberians, either the celtizacion as important as in case of vacceos and Lusitano, or conversely, the fact is that well into the creation of the Roman Hispania, seems proven their cultural identity (though not political) in a wide area northwest of the peninsula, since otherwise not understand the difficulty of assimilation and the strong resistance offered . identity of which we speak could not have another bastion greater than one language, a language (or set of languages Twin) today lost in its entirety, except for any remains encompassed within the toponymy.


Gentlemen, scientists, intellectuals, thinkers, theologians, mathematicians, biologists, chemists, physicists, writers, philosophers, historians, astronomers, sociologists and politicians. "Because of all the existing animals, man is the only rational? Why do other animals are not rational? What is the rationale? How can an accident form our conscience in man? "Rationality and consciousness that man possesses, is an accident? At what point in history man became keeper of the conscience? Is consciousness would be more efficient in other animals other than man? What chemical elements of nature involved in the formation of human thought? I like to listen to explanations that both need to become a materialist thinker. Which can develop if you answer my questions. When they do, I need that they have a purely logical support. What differentiates us from other animals is the essence of our thought and the grandeur of our feelings. Thanks to this last quality, we can be called human beings. One of the greatest virtues possessed by the thought, is to be closely linked to the innate spirituality of feelings.

This is a categorical reason we light the path of truth. Which leads directly to the scientific conception of the soul. Which is strongly linked to the creator of all things. For this reason we consider the soul as a scientific reality and necessary. In my opinion one of the most beautiful phenomena that man possesses is to use the reason, which can not other animals. As a result they are subject to our terms. We are superior to animals by specific differences.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Yesterday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met at his country residence in Novo-Ogarevo coach and hockey team Russia – World Champions 2008, BelTA 'SE' Andrey Kuznetsov. In the meeting with the Prime Minister in addition to the champion team coach Vyacheslav Bykov and forwards Alexei Morozov, Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexander Ovechkin also participated in managing the affairs of the country's president, Vladimir Kozhin, Minister of Sport Mutko, the head of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport Vyacheslav Fetisov, the Russian Hockey Federation president Vladislav Tretiak. Opening the meeting, Putin congratulated the champion: "You have pleased the whole country, playing in the best traditions of Russian and Soviet hockey. The victory over the Canadians in the finals and has been exponential, and enjoyable. These advances contribute to the development of sports – ice hockey after your victory in the country should become even more popular.

Online sports school is engaged in about 70 thousand boys. They should join the new guys, and those juniors who will step onto the ice in Vancouver and Sochi, where they will wait only Olympic gold '. Sam was a welcome closed to the media, and upon its completion, a briefing of all participants of the meeting, but Putin and Kozhin. TV cameras showed once again the championship trophy. On the conversation with Putin, said Bykov, who said that in the past eight years, Russia has achieved many successes.

"Our victory – only part of the overall development of the country. Now a lot of time on the development of mass sport, which is necessary to ensure that this success does not become disposable. Problems and direction of lifting the mass of hockey we are with the prime minister and discussed ", – the coach of Russia. According to Fetisov, the program approved construction of 300 indoor rinks in 2011. Tretiak, in turn, noted that Putin liked the word hockey finals after victory in Canada in which the champions of the world dedicate their success in Russia. And Ovechkin told curious reporters that championship trophy fit seven 'minor' bottles of champagne. His partner in the team Kovalchuk, Vladimir Putin gave a stick, which scored the fourth and fifth goals in the World Cup finals. Mutko in response to a question, when a similar technique to any league Cup will bring our football team, joked: "Even in hockey, with its tradition of victories had to wait 15 years." Reports: Sport-Express

Nagasaki Events

The causes of world conflict were diverse and of different types. An American plane, the Ba "29 (on behalf of" Enola Gay "), at 8:15 am on August 6, 1945, flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters launched on Hiroshimaa " Civilians " the first atomic bomb. Then ran out 8, 1945 dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Another man, Mr Harry_S._Trumana "at the time U.S. President a "authorized the atomic bombing. I'm not the one to judge: AMay judged Universal History! We live in a world of fiction, we at first believe Asia will, but it is sad reality that certain events of daily life, they transform us "ipso factoa " in reality we produce aterror authentic! And we're already used to live with it. What is now a fact we usually identify with lives already lived " past events," …

in TV (TV series), or stories told in popular novels that were to our liking, or suenosa "otherwise, dreams, our brain reminds us of the endless "tapes" that play automatically and without interruption for over 24 hours to complete a day our existence. In the recent air crash at Barajas (Madrid), one of the smallest survivors asked earnestly: "But when to end the movie?". In the future, the peliculaa "remember albergaa " in the mind of pequenoa "will become a nightmare, marked inside the rest of their mortal days: the death of many humans. That poor kid was very young to suffer so much and so little time, and their own flesh, the pain and bitterness inside your heart "rising sun of our lives.

The Georgians

In general, we have one problem, it has always been and always will be – this is to establish life in the country. I honestly did my job, I do not blush at that. AR: – What is the sum, "not" what is happening now in the country? A: – There is a very hard to attack the current leadership. The situation is built in such a way that it would build up to war, to the recognition of our country by Russia. Republic of trying to drive back to where it was in 2001. AR: – Who builds on this situation? A.: – The Georgians and the West once again developed the activity in our direction. All served as a kind of internal political strife, but in fact trying to drive the republic back where it was in 2001-2002-th year.

Then on Our leadership has a lot of pressure – and from Georgia, and from a number of Russian groups – with a view to enable it to Georgia, to achieve a "restore Georgia's territorial integrity." However, after 2001 presidential election … AR: – When Kokoity came to power? A: – Yes, when was elected president Kokoity, it became clear that the attempt to force South Ossetia, against the will of the Ossetian people, against all odds to drive us back to the Georgia – has failed. AR: – You want to say that Russia has also compelled to enter South Ossetia into Georgia? A.: – Indirectly – yes.

San Fernando

Despite my exhaustion of that terrible day, at the end of the day I rejoiced imagining the president's son terrified at the thought of having to repeat that exhausting day. Of course, needless to say that I never saw him again. I wonder if after all these years, he remembers that experience like me. And so, among races, scolding unfounded, false stamps facturitas weekends rebel drunk passed the time until I went to the military. I had back then with 19 autumn (fall because I was born in September and March) when fate played a pass that I do not know whether to call it "good morning" or "trick", but in that moment I made see all kinds of stars adventurous.

It dodged the fate of the young men of the replacement of 1981 and I had to go to Ceuta. What a tragedy in my house! My mom, that good but possessive mother put her hands to her head when she found out. But bubbling inside me the urge almost irresistible to leave as soon as possible to live this great adventure called at my door. What a naive! What unconscious! The fact was that not only avoided any kind of appeals to prevent military target so far, but I passed the game. In the month of January 1982 when it picked "the mat" in the barracks of El Batan "to embark on a train from Atocha station to San Fernando, Cadiz, where he was the" CIR16 ", that famous camp military with the Cerro Muriano in Cordoba, enjoyed a reputation as one of the hardest of Spain (no wonder, since there should leave hardened soldiers to units like the regulars, The Legion or The Green Berets).

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

However, as noted by many, its contents are not perfect. Thus, the climate summit in Copenhagen agreed on and adopted the final document on the results of a two-week talks. Statement, which reflects the representation of different countries that how to further improve its efforts to improve the ecological situation on the planet and prevent adverse effects on the climate was accepted, but the outcome of un Climate Conference in Copenhagen are quite modest, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Developing countries have strongly condemned the adoption of an agreement on climate. In the meantime, the text of the newly adopted climate agreement does not officially been made public before public. Natural disasters in the past year have caused less trouble than in the past, experts note that in the outgoing year 2009 from natural disasters have affected more than 50 million people worldwide.

Despite the fact that this figure is very high, from natural disasters in 2009 were affected fewer people than in 2008. For example, from January to November 2009 there were 245 accidents, of which 224 were due to natural factors, natural disaster affected 55 million people, killed 7,000 people, economic losses estimated at $ 15 billion. The number of victims of natural disasters this year in more than 30 times lower compared to last year: 7,000 victims 2009 against 235,000 in 2008. Such a large number of casualties in the past few years was due to two major natural disasters of our time: more than 138,400 people have died in Myanmar caused by tropical cyclone Nargis, and 87,500 people have been killed during the earthquake in Sichuan Province (China).


Pray for our presidents. Marriage is beautiful, divine and beautiful, then by the same God we worship. If Nietzschie had been president of any nation a nation that had been weak and made up of homosexuals. Since the same for being contrary acted as a slave. The wretch says that God limps fence!, Daring his stubbornness and his perverted reasoning. The limp all his life, what surprises me is that, having studied philosophy has not found wonderful evidence of the existence of God. Nietzschie had a moral problem and the evidence of this are his thoughts.

For among those who have reached the wisdom of God we know that all who have evil thoughts about God has a moral problem, because if you believe God to be good bad, we are sick and darkened, look-evident truths, Jesus' clear and distinct. You remember telling them to judge what we do not know, and this made Nietzschie to judge God. Then I judge that he did not know. Nietzschie How could knowing God? met him in any way, we philosophers of God we worship, so all fake or lie against God the dust we, through our great wisdom, because wisdom is not ours, it belongs to God, This is why we serve. We are philosophers of Christ, Christ scientists, physicists and mathematicians, biologists and chemists of Christ. As well as theologians and Christians of our God. My works can be despised and hated perhaps destroyed. But it fails to uphold justice as long as you breath, to anyone who creates intellectual than its creator, and if life does not reach me, God would raise me better disciples, which will continue this legacy.