Provincial Island

Victoria – a city in western Canada, the capital of British Columbia. Located in southeastern Vancouver Island. The region's population is about 335 000 people, so half the population of Vancouver Island. Legislature assembly is the supreme authority in the province is British Columbia. The region has a naval base called Eskvaymolt.

The position of the modern economy depends largely on services and the public sector. Victoria is considered to be "British" city in Canada, there is a large number of British pensioners who have moved here because this is the warmest city in the country on climate. As you can see the city red double decker buses, and in the center are a few typical English pubs and shops. Victoria is known for exquisitely decorated waterfront flowers on it is quite an old hotel called the "Empress," a tradition, at five o'clock tour serves English tea biscuits. Even the city's architecture creates an atmosphere of old England. In restaurants, a variety of culinary direction of European Cuisine, Oriental, International. Victoria celebrated a great abundance of flowers that can be seen even on lampposts.

Why is the name of a garden city. Victoria is the southernmost city in western Canada. In the city the mildest climate in Canada. In the summer of no precipitation, temperatures averaging 18-21 C. Rainy seasons are recognized autumn and winter, but snow in the winter there is practically no. Such a climate attracts tourists from all over the world. For children city will be interesting to a variety of parks with a variety of attractions and marine wildlife. At the city is located 48 parks. Including the famous botanical garden, which is an amazing place. Here the fountain, and among many exotic plants tropical butterflies flutter. In the garden every night playing music and arrange a beautiful fireworks display. For lovers of shopping will be interesting variety of shops throughout the city. There is much to see and it is art lovers and historic buildings and various muzei6 wax, miniatures, ethnography, and locks. For connoisseurs of night life the city offers a variety of night clubs and discos. On the whole city of Victoria, a beautiful green and quiet town.

The Conductor

Viewing platforms fenced grid-bathe in it impossible. Captivates, catches sight of his raging beauty, strength, power, irresistible. In the lake piled a small island. Waterfall rages loudly … and it's time …

Sit in the car and drive to the next waterfall, Gimeno-2. The road to it lies through the town at which to go just right. The road itself will take you out of town. Further, it is getting worse and worse, the rate of not particularly developed. Directions have 40 minutes before, going higher and higher, you're in town.

One of the houses stands a shield, "Welcome to the waterfall Gimeno-2!" It turns out that the national park here, slowly but ennobled. Constructed railings along the paths, benches, a road in some places laid out the steps. At the entrance you offer a guide. Log into the national park costs 100 pesos per person. Conductor and a bottle of water included. Our names and ethnicity is recorded in the log (first thought – in case you suddenly do not return). Judging by the records, few tourists come here, and so there are no Russian. First, the conductor shows us a waterfall from the point of departure. He it seems so far away, but very beautiful! And then, for 40 minutes, we narrow down, sliding under the feet of the abundant pine trails. Our guide moves very quickly, I try to keep up those pictures beauty that opened before us. Along the way he talks (in Spanish, of course), what work will be carried out over the park. Finally we have in place. Insanely beautiful! Impassable jungle and suddenly …. Where no penny, a sandy clearing and vodopad.Kak oasis! Cool water. Crazy like a swim. And we swim in a small pond at the waterfall, which like the previous one, leaves in a river. Waterfalls tightens for themselves! The conductor says that during the rainy season swim here is very dangerous. The flow of water is so powerful. Lead us away from here is impossible! Conductor misses one and a half hours. Near the waterfall there is a small cave, but it is very much appreciated. We regret we come back. The return journey more difficult as we go up the hill. Water squelching in sneakers, but we are impressed and very happy. Admiring the beauty that surrounds us. Thank conductor, sit in the car and drive. On the way, very comfortable with komedory pointed roofs. In one of these delicious lunch meat soaked in a sweet pink sauce, and along the road to buy several packages of strawberries. Already dusk, we nourish home, promising to return soon to explore the waterfalls Constance.


I do not think so, because in most cases, the entire hook hidden in the brush head. In a separate story float, because this component has a clear focus tackle fishing for carp is. I would say that there is separate type of float – float Karasin. This long, thin cylindrical float with a smooth distribution of mass throughout the volume. First of all, the problem lies in the float responsive to the bite crucian carp, which is often cautious and even a "thoughtful." About the type of reel to the rod is no definite opinion. You can put a regular and small size, and inertialess – as you prefer. I can only say that completely without coil is not very convenient, because when the length of the rod at 6 m and line managed better still with the coil, and it is useful to vyvazhivanii.

Sly habits of His Highness the biting crucian carp has long entered into folklore, because of the diversity of symptoms and signs do not, perhaps, none of freshwater fish. To begin with, that taste preferences in the crucian carp, by and large, no. It can catch, as the plant tips (pastry, cake, steamed peas, combined mixture, etc.), and the tips of animal origin (worm, maggot, caddis flies, etc.). Often used bait and bait, to carp, a fish which schooling, went to the hooks with a nozzle. You can free to experiment with the addition of aromatic components, because there is accurate data, which in certain cases, choose flavored carp bait.

Commonwealth Of Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica – a country located on the same island, the largest of the Windward Islands archipelago Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The island was opened in Columbus Xristofor Sunday, November 3, 1493, hence came the name of the island (from the Latin Dominica – 'Sunday'). The Commonwealth of Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth, led by Britain. The capital of Dominica – Roseau (18 thousand inhabitants) – one of the poorest cities. Dominica is separated from the possession of France – Martinique and Guadeloupe in the south to the north – not wide straits.

The island is mountainous, it lies dormant volcanoes a few, but volcanic activity is not stops. The proof of this – a small lake of boiling water. Very picturesque and local geysers. The island is untouched nature area in the Caribbean. Steep volcanic slopes are covered with lush tropical vegetation, with mountain ranges flows down many small streams and rivers, forming waterfalls. During tropical storms, these rivers overflow, so sometimes celebrated on the island of excess fresh water that sent for export to other islands. The climate is tropical and humid trade wind, heat, soften the north-east winds. The average monthly temperature is 25-27C, 1500-2500 mm of rain falls each year.

The most favorable weather occurs with November to March. The fauna of the island is represented by several species of birds, mostly with bright plumage, reptiles (lizards) and insects, including many rare. The bulk of the population – negros and mulattoes. Quite fraction – about 3 million people are famous 'militant Caribs', which are a kind of attraction for tourists visiting the island actively. Most of the population speaks the local dialect French. The capital has a dominant position on the island, there is a botanical garden, a number of interesting monuments: the Church of England, known as 'the old slave market', cobblestone area Old Market, the Museum of the Dominican Republic, a stone Catholic Cathedral. In Roseau in 1905, was built public library of the Carnegie Endowment, a pedagogical institute. The reason the economy is agriculture. Land, especially in coastal areas occupied plantations of bananas, citrus, cocoa, coconut, mango, tobacco. There are enterprises in the production of fruit juices, canned food, copra, soap, cigars, rum, essence. Exports Banana brings 50 percent of revenue in the budget. In recent years, developing the infrastructure of international tourism, tourists come mainly from the United States and Western Europe. Developed is available on the island rich deposits of pumice. In general, the country's economy is heavily dependent on foreign economic aid, and the government takes measures to attract foreign companies and investments.

Thailand Kids Club Hotel Holiday Inn Phuket

The hotel Sheraton Grande live two elephant Yam Yam and Lilly, who meet daily shows for children and their parents. In addition, the hotel offers a variety of water activities, a room for video games, etc. Another feature of this hotel is the availability of special children's menu. Plantation Bay Resort, Cebu, Philippines. In this hotel for children especially like the water slides, rides and beach entertainment. Parents can take advantage of the children's center, where an attentive and caring staff look after children, teach them to build sandcastles, feeding fish, paint and much more.

Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Located in Borneo on the shores of the South China Sea, the Hotel Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort offers the largest Children's Club in Malaysia, where there are a variety of daily entertainment, both at the beach and on the playgrounds and swimming pools. Trips to a rehabilitation center to care for orangutans, which is located at the nearby Shangri-La Rasa Ria, gives kids a unique opportunity to talk with one of the closest relatives rights. Conrad Bali Resort & Spa, Bali, Indonesia. Conrad Bali Resort & Spa is located in close proximity to the beach of Nusa Dua and offers excellent opportunities for families with children. Apart from the usual children's menu, the hotel offers special children's clothing, children's baths and water treatments. In the Kid's club our little guests are waiting for the Indonesian national dance lessons, pool them to tell stories about the island of Bali, and taught local crafts and art.

Tennis enthusiasts have the opportunity to take a few individual tennis lessons at reasonable prices. Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi, Malaysia Accommodation in Hotel Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa on the island of Langkawi – a unique opportunity for families who enjoy outdoor activities. It offers boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, para-Sailing and water skiing. Especially for children there is a place for mini-golf course and a farm with animals. The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, Indonesia. Exclusive Hotel Ritz Carlton in Bali also offers an amazing child programs and services. The hotel has a separate children's pool with waterslides, daily lessons on making kites and stuff. There is also a special children's menu and services nurses (with knowledge of English, Malay and Japanese languages) Holiday Inn Phuket, Phuket, Thailand Kids Club Hotel Holiday Inn Phuket youngest guests can enjoy video games, DVD, internet, toys and board games. But the greatest joy to children deliver water slides and children's pools. Are babysitting services. The hotel is located on the famous beach of Phuket, Patong. The Nusa Dua Hotel Resort & Spa, Bali, Indonesia. This luxury resort includes green gardens and a huge area for swimming, which are very well suited for families with young children. Reasonable prices make this hotel very attractive because it offers rooms with king size bed for adults and an extra bed for children. Coco Beach Resort, Ban Thiet, Vietnam small "huts" Hotel Coco Beach Resort possess extraordinary tropical charm and promote maximum relaxation. Located on the beach, this hotel has something to offer children: children's pool with slides, canoes, Bugge games and other beach activities. For more information about the company Agoda and family hotels in Southeast Asia, please contact the site or send e- e-mail address


Offer of the receipt of the offeror to the offeree connects with his proposal within the time required to obtain acceptance. Before that time the offeror may not contract with a third party, if it is not possible to conclude a contract acceptor, but can at this time to make an offer to a third party to conclude a treaty with him at the waiver the person who received the offer. Conclusion provider contract with a third person at the time of receipt of acceptance, which makes it impossible to execute a contract with the acceptor, may result in liability of the offeror to the acceptor for breach of obligations. In the case of inclusion in the contract conditions that are contrary to law, he recognized fully or partially invalid. According to general rules, there are two ways to contract: preparation of a document signed by the parties; exchange of documents by mail, telegraph, teletype, electronic or other communication that allows reliably establish that the document comes from a party to the contract. The fulfillment of obligations under the contract provided by a number of legal norms, including the penalty (fine, penalty), defined by law or contract – a sum of money which the debtor must pay in case of nonperformance or improper performance of obligations.

Breach of contract caused by one party may be grounds for a claim for compensation of damages by the injured partner. The law provides for two types of damages: actual damages and Loss of revenue. The real damage – it charges that are made or must make an individual whose rights have been violated. Loss of profit – it lost revenue, which would be obtained under ordinary conditions of civil turnover. Change or cancellation of the contract possible: agreement of the parties; in material breach of contract by one party; in relation to a substantial change of circumstances from which the parties proceeded under the contract.

A violation of contract by one party, which leads to the other party to such damage, it is largely deprived of what was entitled to expect in the contract. A unilateral change of the contract, a unilateral refusal to perform the contract in whole or in part is prohibited, except in cases specified by law or by agreement of the parties. In under the laws of this is possible only under certain conditions (such as executor is entitled to refuse to perform the obligations under the contract of compensated rendering of services, with full compensation for damages to the customer). A change in circumstances considered significant if they are changed so that if the parties could have anticipated the contract would not have been signed or they would have been concluded at a much different conditions. The contract is amended or terminated from the date of receipt by the other party a notice or after the notice period set by law, unless another term is set by the notification, the parties' agreement or by law.

Identity Documents

Relations representation may arise, including by virtue of a treaty between the sending and representative. One of these contracts, confirming the representative's authority is an agreement trust management. As a general rule, the owner of a property through use of the property may receive some income. The rights to these proceeds, in accordance with Art. Art. 136, 218 of the Civil Code, belong to the owner of the property. But the duty to maintain the property also lie on the owner (Art.

210 CC RF). Conclusion of the contract on trust management will allow the owner or designated by it person to benefit from the use of the property, while not carrying the burden of a given property. All responsibility for the content and use of property imposed by contract to another person – trustee manager, which is paid for a fee. Trustee exercises the powers of possession, use and dispose of property in cases where the object of asset management are the things. If the target is the exclusive fiduciary or other rights that management requires, first of all, the exercise of these rights, ie those actions, the possibility which is determined by the content of the relevant rights. But in some cases, management involves the implementation of the above and the "triad of powers" (possession, use, disposal), and perform other actions. K example, management of securities linked to the implementation of office as a possession, use, dispose of these securities, and those rights which are proper to these papers and put in place.

Russian Federation

The delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania: 09 September 2008, delivered humanitarian supplies, 529.03 tons, including: building materials – 480 tons, of food – 20 tons, clothing and equipment – 26.5 tons, medicines – 0,03 m. and other assets – 2.5 tons (Appendix 1). all delivered humanitarian aid to Vladikavkaz 11356.53 tons, including 4402.3 tons of building materials, 3639.64 tons of food, 803.8 tons of drinking water, 32.9 tons of medical equipment, 145, 23 tons of medicines, 607.9 m. clothing and equipment, 127.1 tons of detergents, lubricants 1147.7 tons, 70.6 tons school supplies, 379.3 tons of other goods. Is on the way to Vladikavkaz: As of 06.00. September 10, 2008 truck convoys on the move there.

22 units. – G / d of transport (7 cars, 4 gondola, 8 platforms, 2 container, 1 g / d tank) with a total weight of 671.8 tons, including: building materials – 459.9 tons, of food – 67.5 tons, drugs – 21 tons, POL – 46.5 tons, clothing and equipment – 33.6 tons, of other goods – 43.1 tons (Appendix 2) of Omsk equipment for two classes (class of chemistry and physics). The delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Republic of South Ossetia (Tskhinvali city): September 9, 2008 delivered 249 tons of humanitarian supplies, including: construction materials, 165.03 tons, food – 23.94 tons, Drinking water – 5.58 tons, 0.9 tons of clothing equipment, medical supplies – 0.32 m., fuel – 36 tons, school supplies – 15 tons of other property – 2.25 tons of humanitarian aid delivered – 9458.44 tons, including 3882.73 tons of building materials, 3084.69 tons of food, 972.88 tons of drinking water, 30.8 tons of medical equipment, 102.92 tons of medicines, 595.3 tons of clothing assets 151.8 tons fuel, 130 tons of detergents, 85.6 tons school supplies, 421.68 tons of other goods. The motion of truck convoys: Located on the road to Vladikavkaz: As of 0600 September 10, 2008 truck convoys on the move there. Shipping by rail: September 9, 2008 in Vladikavkaz railway transport humanitarian goods not delivered because they were broken locomotives. To repair the locomotives will carry 'Sysertskoe locomotive depot' is scheduled for delivery by rail (in the path) to Vladikavkaz 22 units. – G / d of transport (7 cars, 4 gondola, 8 platforms, 2 container, 1 g / d tank) with a total weight of 671.8 tons, including: building materials – 459.9 tons, of food – 67.5 tons, drugs – 21 tons, fuel – 46.5 tons, clothing and equipment – 33.6 tons, of other goods – 43.1 tons; of Omsk equipment for two classes (class of chemistry and Physics). The whole humanitarian aid is a simplified customs clearance. According to the customs broker at the border of the Russian Federation

World Energy Council Necdet Pamir

What will be the fate of the energy of the epic, which in Turkey is called the 'bargain of the century' to be seen. While it is obvious that to implement this project, which discussed since 2002, will be broken quite a few copies. The first and main question concerning the fate of 'Nabucco' – it is his commercial prospects or guarantee the filling line gas. 'The process will not be quick, primarily because not resolved the main issue of the project – filling the pipeline with gas. Azerbaijani gas to Nabucco is not enough. In Iraq, insecurity reigns, and when out of the country's gas will be exported to Europe, is unknown. With respect to Iran, its participation in the project is not possible to normalize relations with the United States' – RIA Novosti said a leading Turkish expert on energy issues, the representative of the World Energy Council Necdet Pamir. The main gas sources of Nabucco are Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, but the volume of raw materials, some of these countries will be pumped to Europe, not enough to remove the pipe at full capacity.

True, Speaking on television on Sunday, the president of Azerbaijan said that his country's gas is enough to fill a promising pipeline. According to Turkish media reports that Turkmenistan has promised to deliver on Nabucco 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year, and Azerbaijan – 8 billion. About 2 billion cubic meters of gas per year are expected from Egypt, and 7-8 billion – of Iraq, but with the last question until more questions than answers, experts say. Supporters of the Nabucco convinced that the implementation of this project, along with reduced dependence on Russia for Turkey's natural gas (about 65% of its gas from abroad, Turkey imported from Russia) will help strengthen the foundation for the process of its integration into the European Union as a full member. 'Nabucco' – not only the project, which reduces the dependence of Turkey on Russia for gas and satisfy its growing demand for it. Along with attracting investment (4-5 billion) and create new jobs (10-15 thousand), it makes Turkey one of the key countries in the energy corridor between the Caspian basin and Europe "- wrote on Monday in comments the newspaper" Milliyet ".

'Project' Nabucco 'Turkey will provide important geopolitical dividends. Through its implementation, Turkey will have the right to vote in the world in oil and natural gas. This project will transform Turkey into a global Energy Center ', – the chief economist of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol. 'Signatures to the agreement in Ankara are very important as an example of political will, and should be considered in as a turning point in the project ', – the expert said the newspaper' Sabah '. A similar opinion is shared by Turkey's energy minister. Nabucco – not only energy, but also the strategic project "- said Taner Yildiz, in an interview "Yeni Safak", adding that through the implementation of 'deal of the century' Turkey will turn into 'energy safety in Europe'.

Dmitry Kopaeva

Any violations, of course, not revealed was. Today, the man who brutally used to discredit evangelical churches sektobortsy, returned to the bottle and is located in a drinking bout (Dmitry Kopaeva video statement). It seems that those who criticize Protestants and knows best how to carry out rehabilitation, can not offer the addict is no alternative. Serving "Exodus" – an essential social and spiritual work, which covers 14 regions of the country North-west, the Central Chernozem and Southern Russia. Over 700 people are today in 38 centers of social and spiritual assistance "Exodus." There's people get real value: a high morality, and morality, patriotism, diligence, comprehends his civic duty. The results of many years of hard work and centers for social and spiritual help to "Exodus" testify to their beneficial influence on society. And this is more than 2500 thousands of people emerged from destructive addiction and returning to the community for healthy living. Of these, 386 people formed families in which children were born 429.

For those figures, the specific fate of those who had once been in poor morale and physical condition and literally dying from addiction. Previously, these people every day, stuffed with a drug and alcohol ruin your health, traumatized, and now they have transformed, their feelings come to life: they love sincerely rejoice, and empathize with your neighbor. From scratch begin their lives, those who were once criminals and often contemplated suicide. People who were on the verge of destruction – now have families, give birth to healthy children, receive an education, successfully engaged in entrepreneurship and decent work at their jobs.