The Philosophy of History in the theories of Kant. Appeared Carla Lopes Silva Summary: the present article has as objective to consider the quarrel and reflection on the understanding of uncurling of the time, that is, the history of the humanity in different historical contexts established by telos utopian, considering the understanding of what it is constituent Philosophy of History and its elements correlating with the idea Kantiniana de Universal Histria of a cosmopolita point of view. Words keys: Philosophy of History, Kant, utopia. When mensurar the conception of Telos understands? if that all philosophical theory defends an arrival point, and an inevitable destination, which can correlate with some philosophies during passing of the historical time to interpret which this direction of telos in history, therefore we go to interpret Eva and Adam first, therefore the structure of this history and explicitada by the following item; because in this period notion of a teleologia was not had, a notion of past, gift, future the time that was displayed for Adam and Eva it was the time of the eternity of the proper God, not it perception of a process which if has the starting point, to uncurl of the time, and the point of arrival, will only be analyzed with these such premises when the modification of thinking of Adam and Eva occurs, that is, when eating the forbidden fruit, thus passes if to tell a new world, time of suffering, therefore is born the historical History of the humanity and philosophies and its telos there. Therefore it had a fall with this perpetual time of the proper God in the edio time, medievo to telos that if characterize for the present understanding and passed to create the hypotheses of the point of fond of the humanity, thus in the Medieval Age as antecedent it had the pureness, later it had the fall of this perpetual time, and will go to occur return with the life of messias the land and being guaranteed, thus the salvation of all the human beings and the return this perpetual time in another supernatural plan.