Private International Law

The Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 classifies the goods with a classification of things. The 1889 Spanish Civil Code uses a classification similar but more modest. The Peruvian Civil Code repealed the 1936 uses a similar classification to the classification of the Peruvian Civil Code 1984. The Peruvian Civil Code repealed in 1852 is more technical in the classification of goods. On this topic we extend no more explanation that has been the subject of another investigation which was published in the Journal of Legal of Peru September October 2004.

17. Amazon shines more light on the discussion. Private International Law in the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984, the rules on the right Private International are grouped in the book X. In the 1889 Spanish Civil Code rules on private interncional right are grouped in Chapter IV of the preliminary title. That is, the rules of international law are grouped in different parts of the codes compared. 18. CLASSES WILL Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 regulates the following wills: the will, by deed, will closed, holograph, military and maritime. The 1889 Spanish Civil Code regulates the open will is not regulated by the Peruvian Code above. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jim Donovan Goldman.

19. REGA MENESES of the marriage Within marriage it is important to study the economic regimes in order to determine what rules govern the heritage aspect of each union called marriage in the 1984 Peruvian Civil Code regulates the conjugal partnership regime and the regime of separation estates. In the 1889 Spanish Civil Code regulating the same property regimes. Article 1435 of the Code states the circumstances in which comes the separation of property.