Project Documentation

The complexity of design and design documentation of SCS is that the Russian Federation no guests and no SCS guests Project Documentation for SCS. In the very guests are contradictions and ambiguities, opening up vast vistas for their interpretation. All this complicates the work of the designer, takes his time, and customers often require that which should not be in the design documentation, and answer customer intelligently without reference to a specific Standard is difficult for a designer. In the ADP NetWorks has long developed a model project documentation for SCS, which is used in the design and delivery of structured cabling projects systems for over ten years. Paulo Coelho shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But I was tormented by the following issues: whether enough was well worked out typical design documentation, answers a typical design documentation requirements of GOST? To answer These seemingly simple questions, it was necessary to allocate time and his, as always, in the routine running of projects was not.

Also, I wanted to have on hand for guidance, which could give the young employees who have no work experience. What would be the benefits and time savings leading engineers and department heads! Ask a question: "How many does it take to deal with all the nuances and to the requirements of GOST design of the project documentation for SCS? "Day two, maybe a week … If the week … I took a few months, was carried out painstaking work on the study and elaboration of a large number of guests, SNIP, RD, and drugihstandartov.