Propose Marriage

February 14 is considered, without a doubt, the most romantic day of the year. Countless are the ladies who dream of an original and perfect on Valentine’s day, while men are planning unforgettable meetings to reach the fantasies of their loved ones. To help couples find a romantic and charming destination, suggests the 10 best places to propose marriage on Valentine’s day. It may be a traditional and romantic destination like the Eiffel Tower; a proposal for a fairy next to the castle of Cinderella; or in the romantic canals of Venice, even better in the intimacy of Lake Okareka in New Zealand, or perhaps the World Peace Rose Garden in Sacramento, California. Travelers will be sure to have found the ideal proposal and the best price in hosting obtained in the leading hotel search engine in the world.

The best 10 places to ask for her hand in the day of San Valentin 1. Vienna, Austria Hotel de France. Considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, the Hotel de France is located on the famous Ringstrasse Boulevard on which a carriage horses under night cover stars create the atmosphere for a perfect poetic proposal. 2 Rotorua, New Zealand Lake and Lodge Okareka. This isolated and lecherous hotel, accessible only by yacht or private plane, is one of shelters most detained the beauty of New Zealand offers. To the reserved exclusively to a single person at any given time, this hotel provides the perfect location that invites to a proposal of marriage both private and intimate.

3 Paris, France The Plaza Athenee Hotel. The elegance and glamour of the Plaza Athenee creates the conditions for one of the most requested classic of hand on top of the Eiffel Tower. After the proposal of marriage, couples mingle in romance in this Parisian symbol of love along with a dinner with candles in the Hotel.