Prostitution As A Social Phenomenon

Society and governs all that is very important bases in moral values, like the law. We refer to equality, freedom, justice, respect, finally, individual guarantees, by law and conduct, must be granted to each member of the existing social group, apart from being guaranteed and protected by the system itself. All these moral values are used in social groups where the human being used most of their time: family and work. Work is where the human being focuses its objective side, much more the mind that feelings and putting more emphasis on values such as responsibility, honesty and respect for the rules and the system. It is the aspect that could be covered by more legal guidelines, a comparison of the family. A person who meets these guidelines, is considered a full and honest person, since the work is to develop your skills to the utmost to bring sustenance to your home and yourself. If properly performed, is the noblest acts of human beings. .

. almost always. Prostitution refers to the sale of sexual services in exchange for money or some kind of pay previously established. It includes men and women, both in people who exercise as in the pay. There are three basic types of prostitution that occurs against the will of the individual, which is forced by economic and cultural conditions of the person and that is by choice simply because of the high income it produces. The position of governments of different countries towards this work, also considered a social phenomenon, ranging from those that have completely banned in its legal system, through which they see as a defect of society, those who understand that it is work to end, even those who have legalized this occupation.