Public Administrations

It has said that the cost rule will have to include the flexibility for when there is recession, a natural disaster or a catastrophe that demands stimulus measures. There is no time to create a new tax that burdens these rents. The economic vice-president, Elena Salgado, have said that with the reform of the Constitution a maximum structural deficit for all the Public Administrations will pay attention " very near cero" for one " situation normal" , to that it hopes that &quot is arrived as of 2018.; In a normal situation the deficit would have to be zero or very near one zero. That situation we want normal it to locate in the Constitution as of the year 2018-2020" , it has explained in declarations to RNE. Salgado has insisted on which in the long term and in normal situation the public deficit would have to be " very limitado" , but without the possibility that is eliminated policies of fiscal stimulus can be adopted when they require it to the circumstances. " The cost rule will have to include the flexibility for when there is recession, a natural disaster or one catastrophe that demands stimulus measures, although that leads to that in a certain year mayor&quot is a deficit; , it has affirmed. The vice-president has clarified who the present public deficit, that will stand out to 6% of the GIP in 2011, does not correspond to a normality situation, and therefore is not a structural deficit, but she derives from adverse an economic context that forced to adopt fiscal stimuli and has lifted the amount of the benefits by unemployment. On the other hand, in declarations to the chain TO BE, Salgado has left the door abierta to that Friday the Government approves an increase of the fiscal pressure in the great fortunes, since to create a new tax that burdens these rents said that &quot already; there is no tiempo".

" For a new tax on great fortunes there is no time. In order to increase the pressure on the great fortunes, permtame that we wait for viernes" , it said. With respect to if the great fortunes of the country have sent to some letter to the Ministry of Economy and Property soliciing an increase of tax, since it has happened in France or States United, the minister said not to have received anything in writing. Source of the news: Elena Salgado says that the Constitution will determine a deficit limit very near zero