Real Estate Marketing With RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a marketing method increasingly popular to distribute real estate web content to your customers and potential customers. RSS allows web content distribution to third party websites and RSS news readers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Connecticut Senator. News reader (or Feedreader) use is growing rapidly. Newsreader software allows users to take RSS feeds from various sites and display to read and use. If you have a My Yahoo or My MSN, then it is likely that you're already using RSS! The articles to the extent that you choose for those pages are syndicated RSS news and information sources. For real estate agents and professionals, RSS has many uses. For example, someone looking for a house or a place to rent can simply use the RSS feed of an agent to keep up with the latest lists. If you see an interesting topic, you can click directly on the website for more information.

Mortgage brokers can quickly and easily RSS feeds alert subscribers of rate changes or news. Some other uses for real estate RSS feeds include: Featured homes and commercial properties, rental properties, announcing open houses, virtual tours, mortgage rates, news and announcements, and newsletters. RSS is very specific, because it is controlled by the user and, unlike email, is an implementation rate of 100%. Unfortunately, email is rapidly losing its market power because of email filters and recent legislation against spam. In addition, an RSS feed is easier to maintian a list of e-mail. There are no lists of addresses to maintain and do not need any software to send messages, and no risk of spam problems. RSS can also help with marketing your website if the traditional search engines.

Because your website (through RSS feeds) has more "fresh" content, your site will be indexed more frequently by search engines. Therefore, anything you add to your site will be picked up by search engines that much faster. RSS is a technology increasingly to be taken seriously. Start early and reap the benefits of RSS marketing today! SR Daley is the web developer for a service that allows real estate professionals to create, maintain and promote multiple RSS feeds with a simple web interface. This article can be published without changing the content and the bio box.