Recreation Center

Vacation on the Volga River – a beautiful nature, fishing and swimming in summer, skiing and evenings by the fireplace in winter. Beautiful nature makes each unique recreation center on the Volga. Downstream recreation can be combined with medication. Here, in Ulyanovsk, Samara and Saratov regions and Tatarstan, there are many resorts and recreation complexes. Recreation center on the Volga River in its lower course – is not only a wonderful nature, but almost unlimited opportunities for an active pastime, and, above all, for fishing. Especially good place is the delta of the Volga, and fishermen from one year to gather in the region of , where services for the organization of fish Fishing offers each recreation center. Volga is poured on 500 channels, tubes and small rivers, forming the largest river delta in Europe. These places are famous not only fish, but the unique flora and fauna.

However, and middle Volga no less beautiful and abounding. Any recreation center here to offer winter and summer houses, almost everywhere there are saunas and baths, space and equipment required for sports. Here, as in the Volga delta, have opportunities for fishing, including ice fishing. A width of the river reaches forty kilometers. For example, a recreation center Byl "in the Ulyanovsk Volga spreads to forty-two miles. Recreation center on the Volga River most well-equipped and have a full range of amenities. Visitors are accommodated in cabins, wooden lodges or comfortable hotel rooms. Almost everywhere it is possible to stay on full or Partial pension (that is, with meals or two meals). Recreation center on the Volga often offer their customers a tour, not only in nature reserves, but also in the nearby town. Such services are particularly interesting if the recreation center is located near the historical monuments in Kostroma, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Volgograd.