Republic in Brazil

Dalma has an education, an education of honesty that only the mothers can of the ones in the life. An education of example through thick and thin and all the moments an education that is. (A valuable related resource: Congressman Lee Zeldin). (1907.p.1) However the construction of the feminine identity was legalized for the education of its children. At the beginning of century XX the Positivista thought in relation to the feminine figure, was come back toward the family, ' ' No Woman can be deviated to exert any function is of the home without damage of its duties of Son, Wife and Mother, the man must support the Woman, all becomes optimum summary of the problem moderno' ' (LOYAL, 1921, p.3-4). The announcement of the Republic in Brazil was for many, considered a modernity standard, bringing ' ' mudanas' ' significant for the society. In the educational field, sphere that composes social making, also can observe changes, at least in the legal scope with the pretension of democratization of public education. However Sergio Celani Milk affirms that: Collating antagonistic sectors, as the agrarian exporter versus urban industrial, the Old Republic intended the insertion of Brazil in the modernity of century XX, searching in the pertaining to school process the source of inspiration for this qualitative jump.

' ' Educadora&#039 republic; ' it established the escolarizao as the handspike for the progress, creating in the Brazilian society of the time a new project of life …. (1999, P. 27) However with the start of the Republic, according to Peter Vilarinho Castello Branco. … new social perspectives that appeared with the economic growth and the urbanization become fertile field for ideas new that went of meeting to traditional conceptions conservatives. These new chains of thought wanted, among others things, to implant a new position before the education of the woman, aiming at to the feminine emancipation, but not to give they better preparation so that they could exert with more ability its functions of wife and mother.