Reyes Lanzay and His New Proposal For The UC Schools

The institutions that are anchored and maintained with the same behavior for years are stunted, you need to change. CMV is presented to the University of Carabobo a great opportunity to reassert its role overshadowed in recent years has been providing, and that has seriously affected the academic excellence that we have struggled for years, which we have committed ourselves to preserve, to collaborate with those teachers who really feel responsible, to provide the knowledge to be provided to participants who choose to become a creditor of a title that will encourage its performance and make their cooperation with the country’s development.

To all this is added, the characteristics of a turbulent stage, uncertain, in the process of change, which leads to risks, uncertainties, resulting from political instability, a Bolivarian revolutionary government has embarked on the quest to develop a Socialism of this century, taking steps to actions that are not shared by a significant portion of its inhabitants and forcing universities to speak out against this reality, to these new changes, giving their opinions that give way to programs that the country really needs. Indeed, in the midst of this atmosphere permeated with shadows, require new leaders capable of generating changes, interpreting the challenges, giving way to programs, strategies, actions to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. Thus, the engineer Victor Reyes Lanza choose the rector of the University of Carabobo, accompanied by his team sheet, composed of Dr. Pedro Villaroel professionals for academic vice-rector, Dr. Antonio Caralli administrative and Vice-Chancellor.