Right Security

Differently of these countries, critical established here it falls again on the Brazilian public politics that are transparent inefficient and inefficacious, has seen that they are lastreadas in minimizing differences, to elaborate projects to increase the security sensation (to the step that would have to guarantee the security), to increase contingents, to construct penitentiaries, to concursar officers of justice, to contract temporary and commissioned, beyond other insignificant actions (in virtue of the discontinuity), concise and exitosa rank that are not projected, planned, structuralized, defined and determined in coherent way. The actions more ‘ ‘ expressivas’ ‘ applied in the Brazilian Public Security throughout the last times they had seemed to have been bred to give continuity to the projects of previous governments, failed for the mediation of the state machine, either for social reason, politician, cultural, moral, ethical or another one any alleged. Thus exactly, these actions had incurred into the same imperfections that already implanted in the processes of passed governments, that is, had been created with the main purpose to act in the imediatismo, without any evolutivo planning and of development, diminishing (and in some cases frustrando) the perspectives of improvement of the security, glimpsed for all the society. However, the purpose of this small sample is to alicerar the Right to the Security that the individuals possess, demonstrating for in such a way the deficiencies of the system, the trespasses to the basic rights, the lack of efficient public politics and efficient and the discontinued actions of the public managers in its programs, projects and parcerias.3 CONSIDERAES FINAISAs consideraes referenciadas here denote the unrestricted concern main to provide the preservation of the rules constitutional in the public politics of Security, in way that if can guarantee the citizens worthy conditions of pacific and harmonious convivncia. One also verified that the resqucios of the times of long ago, where the governments were commanded by aristocrats, large estate owners with proper interests and until adepts of the military repression? with marcantes characteristics of dictators? still they persist, compromising the development of efficient and efficient public politics of security. Although all the efforts undertaken for the current governments, in set with the society, as well as other involved actors in the process, still perceive a great imbalance of projects, programs and actions destined to the satisfaction of the daily and constant necessities of public security. However, with the proportionate hope for the Federal Constitution of 1988, when it aimed at main the defense of human rights e, consequentemente, of the basic rights, we can, at last, dream of better days in the security, in not forgetting that each one must make its part. The quarrel here proposal, of concise and shortened form, does not try to deplete the related subjects, so great the importance and relevance that these represent for the society and mundo.