Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

You just need to bust some big companies. More stable company to buy out, will reorganize, restructure, and all will first. Thus, the world has existed for thousands of years But people get to your table the more serious reports on the situation in the global economy, have begun to realize that the current crisis is different from all previous ones. World leaders are suddenly talking about the need to unite and depravity egoistic approach. ‘The main thing is that all occupied a single position and act together “, – said at a meeting with leaders of European countries, U.S. President George W.

Bush. And at a conference in Evian, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that the economic crisis ‘led economic egoism of some countries’. Yes, ordinary people today have begun to realize that the current crisis – and a special conventional measures, it can not overcome. It’s not even in numbers, not that required to cover the deficit amounts to hundreds of times higher than selected by the U.S. government $ 700 billion.

Subconsciously, people start feel that the solution we are looking for is not there, not in the same plane. Simple monetary injections provisions are not correct. So what happened with our economy? We revealed that we are all united in a single system. Globalization showed us how everything depends on everyone. And yet discovered how much we are divided and not together as far as not willing to compromise their own interests, even in the face of such a serious threat as a global crisis. So, the current crisis – not a failure in the system, and its disclosure, say the Kabbalists. The time has come to understand how we are all dependent on each other, separated and this disunity hinders us from living. And why it all started with the economy? Yes because an empty fridge assures better than any speakers. ‘Because of the differences representatives’ Big Seven’ were only declarative program out of the financial crisis.