Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

According to legends, the icons are an integral black fetish "orthodox" wizards and witches. The word "Orthodox" means that the data wizards and witches, though, and may resist in every possible way to go vperekor Christianity but still use all the basic tenets, albeit distorted. In remote areas, and to this day you can meet a witch, whose home on the icon location adorn the black icons. And before any action is not necessarily weird, witch refers to these icons, prayers in the smoke. In fact, this ritual is no different from the Orthodox prayer, except that use different words and a few other passes. Some contemporaries argued that in fact black icons does not exist, and all that can now be found in such a plan – is nothing more than a fake.

In fact, the black icons are as real and as old as Orthodox icons. The fact that initially, the icons were not so significant nature, it is now. The icons depicting the great men, as symbols of an accomplishment in history. Just now, the officials in the office you can see a portrait of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Who knows, maybe a couple of thousand years, and this image will worship and pray. So in those days were the icons exactly the same meaning in everyday life of people. The same way of expressing honor and respect their heroes were almost all nations, and remains. The icons depicting people's heroes, rulers, kings and tyrants. Later, most of these icons were destroyed, and the remaining were declared holy images.