Russias Withdrawal

Dear former compatriots! The other day you mentioned your escape from the former of our motherland – the Soviet Union. However, now you have this somehow different name, but eighteen years ago to me, had the wife's mother in Moscow and the Cross mom from Bryansk, weird to watch the second channel of all-union television triumph of Russians about their "sovereignty." You have decided to secede from us, which caused embarrassment and regret. Well than you, Russians in the Soviet Union was bad? After Russia has welded forever – had called us in the morning verse? And you've gone and left us all, taking everything that was easy come together. You that the Russian language banned? But in the Soviet Union all were in Russian! That's me to the fact that all this language and know used. I wanted to or not wanted, but gave the team two years in this language Lithuanians, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Tatars and Russian. In this language, I spoke with my subordinates and friends of the lieutenants Uzievym Balkaria Nakipovym from Kazan How the Soviet officer, sang in the ranks only Russian songs; instill in subordinates the dedication and selfless love for the Soviet national anthem, emblem and flag. And you have all this and wanted to say your opinion you spit on all Soviet and replaced the scarlet banner of the Nazi flag on the General Vlasov. It is understandable – about a million Russians fought under this flag in the poa! Atrocities your "liberators" and remembers Krivoy Rog, and Odessa, and Warsaw But it's your grandparents, great-grandparents, so the native pulls.

And fascist tricolor proudly ascended over Moscow. Bravo! Just why are you perturbed by the Estonian and Latvian legionaries-grandfathers? You honor the flag of the roa and other mad Adolf Josef Vissarionovich? Already your advisor German Communists Herr Pu praises bloody counterrevolutionary Denikin. What happened to you, brothers our smaller? You have forgotten who died near Moscow at Panfilov division, or not remember the names of the front, who got their favorite Herr Pu Nazi Berlin? Well yes, because Vlasov kept the defense of Berlin to the last round and showed a true Russian character while protecting den beloved Fuhrer. But the Soviet our grandparents finished off your Vlasov and Hitler. Is it because you have today, Germany was among the first friends? Is it because you are Slavs gas selling more than the Germans? However, this is the case in any country to choose their friends you decide for you road your generals Kolchak, Wrangel, Denikin, Vlasov. You are proud to carry their banner and have the same friends that they did. May God help you! Happy holiday to you, gentlemen former compatriots!