Santa Cruz

The Yes side won the North (Esmeraldas) with 70.47% and in the extreme south (Loja) with 73.31%. To his victories have been harder in Bolivar (53.21%) and its neighbor Tungurahua (57 , 87%) is at the center of the country, in the Galapagos (56.27%) and Guayas (51.02%). The latter is the province where the main export port is Guayaquil, where it was not the 46.97% of the votes against 45.68% of Yes, 6.83% from 0.52% invalid votes and blank ballots. The only province where is not widely won Napo (where he obtained 55.43%), home province of former president Lucio Gutierrez opponent while in the neighboring Orellana won the Yes to No by 47% to 46%, but given the percentage of 7% to 8% of invalid votes or white, the Self does not have an absolute majority. Pastaza, which like its neighbors Napo and Orellana is part of the Amazon (traditional Gutierrez stronghold), I would be giving a very small margin of victory to Yes The level of support for the constitution correista is very large and widespread. This guarantees the president to consolidate his rule and seek to go to a new election that will guarantee a new period, the same could be renewed up to end his term of 2.017. However, he will face two opponents strongholds. In the east is to the supporters of Lucio Gutierrez and the Guayaquil Mayor Jaime Nebot Social Christian. Napo and Orellana not have the large populations, geographical or economic de Santa Cruz in Bolivia.