Savior Cathedral Awards

I would very much have liked, but in reality, to There is no responsibility, and full support of irresponsibility. Could the church to influence the processes taking place in society? Of course, she does that, almost without noticing the poor, but very noticing, those who made them so. I think that is immoral world in which we live today, enormous corruption, injustice, largely if not the participation, with the acquiescence of the church, and sometimes when certain actions Imagine you are get just such a paper: Moscow. Christ the Savior Cathedral. 1020 th anniversary of Christianity in Russia, you are invited to the ceremony or somewhere, and it is here in this temple, "given the national importance of the contribution of your institution, and personally leader in the spiritual and moral and patriotic education, enlightenment and strengthening the power of Russia and beyond, greeting you with a high recognition of your merits and achievements and awards. But on the other hand this paper (not believe) – the price for awards. And all this under the State program (who would doubt). Today, unfortunately, faith in God and the church is really not the same thing.

God has become for some good cover and even the means to achieve their goals. In February, the program "People want to know the" representatives of the church was trying to (people) to convey how inappropriate today in the Church, but to no avail. It all comes down to the fact that no changes do not need and talk about anything.