Second World War

Israel's history dates back to biblical times and has goals. Based on archaeological excavations can safely say that the life of the Jewish people took the top ever since, just as Abraham was called on the government in Canaan. According to tradition it is believed that staying in a hundred years old, Abraham gave birth to first son Isaac, successor of the tribe of Jews. A marriage between 2 nd wife were born six sons, who became pioneers of the Arab tribes. Says These six sons settled in Egypt, where their children were in slavery before the arrival of Moses. Moses was accompanied by the Jews for 40 years years in the wilderness before they finally gained ground and obreli10 Commandments.

Continuing further 2-yl centuries, inhabitants of Israel have expanded their area and began to lead a sedentary life, as well as merged into a centralized state of Israel. First king of Israel was Saul, and David expanded the territory of Israel and made Jerusalem as the capital. When Israel conquered the power of David filimistyan than once defeated the Syrians, amalikyan etc. Descendant of David – Solomon multiplied states won by the parent, the economic situation has developed and built Temple of Jerusalem. But a major military uprising led to Delno country into two countries, one of them was active foreign policy and pursued a kind of religious line, while the other kept religion unshakable.

In the seven hundredth years bc Israel was again in captivity, but the Jews who were expelled from the country have kept the identity and religious veru.V during the subsequent centuries Jews have returned and once again leave its territory. Country win, make the part of their country, destroyed and rebuilt again. Living in Israel were under the yoke of the Arabs, Romans, Turks, Crusaders until the 20 th century. After this happened the revival of Hebrew, the Jews began to actively come to Israel. bm War has opened to the Jews and the genocide of numerous victims. Only after the Second World War emerged the state, Jordan, and Britain acquired a right to the creation of Israel that did not suit the Arabs, who believed the earth own. Europe were invited to create two separate states, and in 1948 revived Israel. But not gone a month, as Arab armies invaded the country. Thereafter and continued bloody Israeli-Arab conflict, and War, lasting to this day.